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Benton Unit Profile and Valuable Information

Benton unit, Arkansan was started in 1974 with a capacity of 325. This unit is located in Benton, Arkansas and acts as a work-release facility. Benton Unit is managed by the Arkansas Department of Corrections or ADC. The Arkansas Department of Corrections is a state-run agency with the main headquarters situated in Pine Buff, Arkansas. The security level in the Benton Unit is minimum and it houses mostly adult inmates. Most of the inmates in the Benton Unit are either parole violators or serving their pre-release term.

To live life with dignity through good behavior was the main goal as per which the Benton Unit was set up. It was established to lower recidivism rates, meaning working on inmates to ensure less or no chances of coming back to correctional facilities. As a reason, this facility also provides vocational training related to various education and employment opportunity programs to the inmates.

There are Inmate Commissary Lists available for the inmates in the Benton Unit. According to this policy, inmates are allowed to purchase or sell items that are allowed by the centralized Commissary Committee. The funds obtained from the items sold by inmates are collected in inmates' welfare funds and are used for the general benefit of the inmates at the Benton Unit.

Benton Unit
Benton Unit Inmate Programs 

The Benton Unit also offers assistance in the treatment of substance abuse cases through various programs. There is a GED or high school diploma program for the inmates to attend, which are operated by the unit and Board of Corrections.

GED classes are offered at Benton Unit and the Board of Correction mandates attendance for all inmates without a GED or high school diploma unless they are unable to participate due to health reasons. At Benton Unit, inmates can also take advantage of the Job Placement assistance program which provides opportunities in areas like cooking, mechanics, automobile repair, welding, painting, and shipping related work.

Inmates in the Benton Unit can learn work and technical skills, which enables them to find employment after their pre-release term is over and they rejoin the community outside. Some work release training is provided to the inmates related to the field of electrical, plumbing, building maintenance, clerical, wastewater treatment, computer operation, and laundry, etc.

Benton Unit Visitation Hours

Visitors are allowed only after permission to meet the inmates on Weekends, which starts at noon. It is better to contact the authorities for meeting and a visit should be scheduled when the permission is allowed. An inmate can be visited not more than 4 or 5 times a month. Minors are not allowed for visits inside the unit unless an approved visit with an adult has been allowed by the unit authorities.

The unit also requires visitors to carry documents for photo identification. The screening process and criminal history assessment of the visitors are also carried out before permission is granted for the meeting.

Benton Unit Arkansas

There are strict guidelines related to clothing and the carrying of electronic devices such as cameras, pagers, or phones. The inmates cannot be mailed packaged food from outside. Through Inmate Package Program, a near or dear one can send goods to an inmate for up to $100.

The physical address of Benton Unit, Arkansas is 6701 Highway 67, Benton, AR 72015-8488. And the inmates in the unit can be mailed or contacted at Benton Unit, 6701 Highway 67, Benton, AR 72015-8488, which should include Inmate Name and ID Number.

To reach the Benton Unit, drivers can take the road to Saline County off Highway 67 and move 5 miles in the south for Benton Unit. For more information on the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex, go to

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!