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Central Florida Reception Center Profile and Valuable Information

The fourth-largest state in the United States of America is Florida and the population of Florida is around 21, 500,000. As the crime rate is increasing in Florida every year, many prisons have been opened to house different prisoners. One of the prisons which are located in Orlando, Orange County in Florida is the Central Florida Reception Centre.

This is a state prison that is maintained and functioned by the Florida Department of Corrections. According to the Central Florida Reception Center history, this state prison has been opened specially for men in 1988. The maximum capacity of this facility is around 1659. There is another East Unit adjacent to this state prison which has the maximum capacity of 1407 prisoners and most of the inmates there have a history of substance abuse.

Central Florida Reception Center
Physical Information About This Facility:

The Central Florida Reception Center phone number is (407)-207-7777 and available for contact 24/7. Any inmate can be contacted with the permission of supervisors on this phone number. The Central Florida Reception Center address is the one utilizing which family members can meet prisoners and mail them. The physical address of this facility is the same as the mailing address. It is Central Florida Reception Center, 7000 H C Kelley Rd, Orlando, FL 32831-2518. To mail an inmate, there is a requirement of Inmate’s last name with first name and their ID number before the address of the facility.

Central Florida Reception Center Inmate Programs:

As this facility work as a reception center, most of the time intake and classification of inmates of the area are performed here. During the reception, everything including mental health, drug screening, and physical wellness are checked in this facility. In this facility, many inmates are housed for a temporary period as this facility is considered as an intake facility.

Therefore, the temporary inmates are not allowed to make phone calls and attend any educational or vocational Central Florida Reception Center inmate programs. However, these inmate programs include academic programs, substance abuse screening assessment programs, chaplaincy services, and institutional betterment programs.

Central Florida Reception Center Visiting Hours:

The Central Florida Reception Center visiting hours describe the timing when family members or friends of inmates can meet them. From 9 am to 3 pm every Saturday and Sunday, visitors are allowed to meet inmates only when they qualify for the visiting rules. Any visitor who needs to visit this facility must reach the facility by 7.45 am and register themselves for a visit between 8.15 am and 2 pm. The visitors are allowed to meet inmates if they reach the facility after 2 pm as the registration process will stop by that time.

Central Florida Reception
Central Florida Reception Center Visitation Rules:

As suggested by the Central Florida Reception Center mail and visitation rules, it is important to know the approved list of visitors for the inmate. This can be done by contacting the facility and inquire about the approved list of the visitation for the inmate. The visiting member must have a valid government ID proof and must not have a charge of any felony.

Any minor visiting member must be accompanied by a legal guardian to get approved for the visit. Before the visit to the facility, an application form must be filled and every visitor is searched before and after the visits because of some security reasons. Additionally, every visitor must respect the dress code of the facility to avoid refusals.

The Central Florida Reception Center inmate locator is a great way to search for an inmate. Another way of searching for inmates in Florida can be performed with the help of the GoLookUp inmate search directory

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!