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Deerfield Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

Deerfield Correctional Center, a facility of level 2 standard, holds nearly 1,080 male inmates. It has seven housing units for the general population. Each unit of A, B, and C holds two pods. There is an open dormitory setting for eighty-eight prisoners in each pod. The reservation for military veterans is maintained in building A.

The unit of D holds fifty-seven old and required assistance for living inmates and has ninety-six beds for the general population. The unit of E has two pods. One pod of unit E holds nearly a hundred inmates of the general population and the other pod holds inmates who are suffering from diabetes. The unit of F holds inmates who are not mentally stable.

The unit of G holds a few inmates who need extra care and specific assistance. Deerfield Correctional Center doesn’t have a segregation unit. The inmates are transferred to another correctional facility located in Virginia when there is a need to place the inmates in the segregation unit.

Deerfield Correctional Center

History of Deerfield Correctional Center

According to the Deerfield Correctional Center history, it was started in 1994. The owner of this facility is the Virginia DOC (Department of Correctional). It is located in the adjacent part of the former agricultural facility named the Southampton Correctional Center in Virginia.

Important information regarding Deerfield Correctional Center has been stated as follows.

  • Deerfield Correctional Center phone number: (434)-658-4368
  • Deerfield Correctional Center address: Deerfield Correctional Center, 21360 Deerfield Drive, Town – Capron, State – Virginia 23829
  • Deerfield Correctional Center visiting hours: Generally, all of the facilities allow visiting on state holidays, Saturday, and Sunday. Sometimes, the facilities alternate the visiting days to avoid crowding within the visiting room. Then, they schedule visiting days according to the alphabetical order or the prisoner’s ID number.

Deerfield Correctional Center mail and visitation rules

Deerfield Correctional mailing address is Name of the inmate, ID number of Inmate, Deerfield Correctional Center, 21360 Deerfield Drive, Town – Capron, State – Virginia 23829.

If you want to visit any offender, you can submit an online application for visitation at least 30 days before. The approval of the visitor’s application will be valid for three years from the date of approval. When the visitors reside out of the state, their application for visiting can be approved within 90 days.

The Virginia DOC may follow an annual record checking regarding each visitor. The approved visitors will have to bring their current and valid ID of pictures. If the visitors are a family member or friend and aged 65 years or above or they have a visual issue, they will have to contact AFOI to get assistance with the completion of the application.

You can contact the office of Visitor Registration under Virginia DOC. You will have to follow the rules for clothing at the time of visitation. They don’t allow visitors without footwear. All kinds of wearable technological devices including watches are not allowed at the time of visiting. The visitors can submit a new application and renew their existing application through online.

Deerfield Correctional Center Virginia

Deerfield Correctional Center inmate programs

Intensive Re-entry Program is involved within the Deerfield Correctional Center inmate programs. The Process Group, Phase 1, and Phase 2 are the three stages of this program. It helps the inmates to take preparation for being successful when they will be released within the community. Usually, the duration of the Intensive Re-entry Program is six months. The offenders, who will get release within twelve months, are eligible to join this program.

Deerfield Correctional Center inmate locator

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!