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Detroit Detention Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Detroit Detention Center is a detention center located in eastern Detroit, Michigan. It operates as a central lockup for the city of Detroit and is jointly operated by the Michigan Department of Corrections and the Detroit Police Department. The Center has a capacity of 200 detainees and is staffed by 51 officials from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

The facility is run by Acting Warden Jodi DeAngelo. There are two buildings named Building 100 and Building 500 comprising the facility. Building 100 is used as the Administrative Block for the staff where the Detroit Police Department conducts the arrestee intake process, line-ups, suspect interviews and to perform detective duties. Building 500 is used to hold the detainees. The facility is used for detainees who are above the age of 17 and have been pre-arraigned for up to 72 hours.

A double fence, razor-ribbon wire, and electronic detention system in conjunction with a patrol vehicle are used to prevent detainees from escaping the facility. It is located next to the Detroit Reentry Center which 400 short term slots for parole violators and 160 re-entry slots for parolees.

Detroit Detention Center

Detroit Detention Center history

The Michigan Department of Corrections opened the Mound Correctional Facility in 1984 on land that formerly belonged to Daimler Chrysler AG. As part of a budget plan, the facility's closure was announced in 2011 and it was closed down on 8 January 2012. In the summer of 2012, the Michigan Department of Corrections announced that Mound Correctional Facility would be reopened as a special population facility.

In August 2013, the Center was reopened as the Detroit Detention Center, functioning as a central lockup for the city of Detroit with staff from both the Department of Corrections and the Detroit Police Department.

Detroit Detention Center phone number

The phone number for the Detroit Detention Center, Michigan is 313-368-8300. Those wishing to send a fax to the facility can send it to 313-368-8972. Information on detainees at the Center can be obtained via the Detroit Police Department on 313-596-2242.

Detroit Detention Center address

The Detroit Detention Center is located at 17601, Mound Road, Detroit, Michigan 48212. It is located 90 miles from the state's capital at Lansing and can be reached in an hour and a half.

Detroit Detention Center inmate programs

Since the Detroit Detention Center is only detention or holding facility, it does not have any long term inmate programs. It features basic healthcare and food services, but other programs such as inmate education and training are not provided.

Detroit Detention Center visiting hours

Owing to the fact that inmates at the Detroit Detention Center are pre-arraigned detainees, inmates are not allowed visits from family and friends.

Detroit Detention Center mail and visitation rules

Inmates at the Detroit Detention Center are not allowed to receive mail due to the temporary nature of the facility. Since visits are also not permitted, there are no rules for visitors that need to be followed.

Detroit Detention Center Michigan
Detroit Detention Center inmate locator

In order to locate an inmate or detainee being arraigned at the Detroit Detention Center, you can visit Once the page loads, you have to provide both the first and last name of the detainee or inmate and select the state of arraignment in question, which in this case is Michigan.

The system then begins to perform a search. Here you need to click on the option that says Unlock Information which initiates a scan for other public records such as social media profiles for the inmate or detainee. After this process is done, the user needs to agree to the terms and conditions of the website and then verify that they are older than 18 and a resident of the United States in order to view the information.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!