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East Arkansas Regional Unit Profile and Valuable Information

The east Arkansas facility was opened in 1192. It is in Birckeys, in unincorporated Lee County. What is unique to this facility is that it is accredited by ACA (American Correctional Association). This facility has the capacity to hold over 1400 inmates. It houses various custody levels right from minimum security to maximum. The facility comes under the Arkansas Department of Correction.

East Arkansas Regional Unit Arkansas Phone Number

(870) 295-4700

East Arkansas Regional Unit Arkansas  Address

The Physical Address is as below

East Arkansas Regional Unit

Lee Road 602

Brickeys, AR 72320

The Inmate Mailing Address is as below

Inmate Name, ADC #

East Arkansas Regional Unit

P.O. Box 180

Brickeys, AR 72320-0180

East Arkansas Regional Unit
East Arkansas Regional Unit, Arkansas, Inmate Programs

Like other institutions, this Arkansas facility also offers educational programs including adult basic education and general education development courses. The facility also houses a canine unit that enables offenders to work with dogs. There is also help for offenders addicted to drugs; they have substance abuse and behavior therapies. There are other vocational programs like farm work and engaging in maintaining other regional facilities. Joshua Macave Brown who perpetrated the murder of Jesse Yates was a prisoner at this facility.

East Arkansas Regional Unit, Arkansas, Visiting Hours

When you plan to visit this facility, remember that it is on an alternating schedule between Saturdays and Sundays. So, your inmate who you are planning to visit may be entitled to visits on particular Saturday or Sunday – either 1st Saturday and 2rd Saturday or 2nd and 4th Sunday). Before you make an appointment, you need to be clear about this. Visiting hours at the facility are scheduled between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

East Arkansas Regional Unit, Arkansas, mail and visitation rules

Inmates are allowed to have five photos with them at any given time. The photos can be no larger than 4x6 and instant photos and polaroids are not allowed. Your mails can be opened, inspected and even read unless it is marked as confidential or privileged. Confidential mail is that of legal of nature or from the law enforcement agency. Any other letter of any nature can be read. All mails to inmates in Arkansas should be formatted as below

Inmate Name, ADC Number

 Unit  PO Box/Street address

City, State, zip code

Instead of delivering mail, one can also send messages electronically through a third-party service. This is only one way. The email that you send is printed and given to the intended recipient. All these messages are sent for a fee.

 Inmates can receive holiday packages from third party services like Access Securpark or Union Supply Direct. A holiday package is a care package that can also be sent quarterly. There is a limit to the number of items you can add to the pack and package weight is a restriction. You can find more details here:

You can send books and magazines directly ordered from Amazon and these cannot depict nudity. Books need to be paperback and brand new.

You can send money through United States Postal Money. You need to fill an inmate deposit slip which is mandatory and along with the money order, you need to mail it to the below address.

East Arkansas Regional Unit history

Arkansas Department of Correction

Trust Fund Centralized Banking

P.O. Box 8908

Pine Bluff, AR 71611

Electronic transmission of funds is also possible.

East Arkansas Regional Unit Visitation Rules

You need to fill the Arkansas visiting application form which needs to be collected from the inmate alone and is not available online. It is important to fill this form honestly because a background check will be performed and if there is an issue your application will be denied. Once your application is approved, up to 4 visitors are allowed per visit. Other general visitation rules like cigarette ban, formal dress clothing, pat search, electronic beep search apply here as well.

East Arkansas Regional Unit, Arkansas, Inmate Locator Use this link to find an inmate by giving their full name

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!