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Foothills Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

The Foothills Correctional Institution is located in Morganton at 5150 Western Ave. Morganton is a city in North Carolina. It is also the county seat of North Carolina Burke County. The Foothills Correctional Institution history reveals information about the prison's construction. The property on which the prison stands was known as the Leonard farm. It was donated for the construction of the Foothills correctional institute by the Agriculture Department. The construction of the prison began in 1991. Public records tell us that Foothills correctional facility was opened in 1994.

We have already covered the Foothills Correctional Institution address. The Foothills Correctional Institution phone number is (828)-438-5585. It is the latest and the only phone number listed in the public records.

The prisoners have phone privileges. They can call home, but all their calls are monitored. The time limit set for each phone conversation is around 15 to 20 minutes.

Foothills Correctional Institution
Foothills Correctional Institution inmate programs

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety has made provisions for its prisoners. It starts with the prison programs for all the correctional facilities/prisons in the state. The programs range from work and educational programs to prison life programs and transitional services. The work programs allow the prisoners to make a living both inside and outside the prison facilities.

Domestic Violence Education Programs, Study Release, Vocational Education, and Think Smart are few educational programs the prisoners have access to. Prison Life Programs educates inmates and enriches their lives. The programs include Parenting Program, Sex Offender Accountability and Responsibility, Religious Programs, Counseling, and few other similar programs.

Foothills Correctional Institution mail and visitation rules

First-time visitors have to fill in an application form. You'll only be given visitation rights if your visitation is accepted. The status of the visitation rights can be confirmed by the inmate for which you have to stay in contact with the prisoner. The Foothills Correctional Institution visiting hours start at 9 am and end at 3 pm. You need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get checked in. People who arrive after 1 pm will not be allowed to visit the prisoner. In case the prison is under lockdown, no visitors will be entertained.

A person can send a care package or mail to the Foothills Correctional Institution's address at 5150 Western Avenue, Morganton. You'll also have to mention the prisoner's name and his/her ID. There is a limitation to what can be sent to a prisoner. They can receive photographs, calendars, children's drawings, blank envelopes, softcover books sent directly from the publisher, blank greeting cards without glitter, typing paper, Postage Embossed Envelopes, and Blank Paper.

The greeting cards sent should not be in 3D, a prisoner can receive only 40 postage embossed envelopes. Care packages, on the other hand, are approved by third-party vendors. A package delivered by an individual will not be accepted under any circumstances. The weight of the care package should be under 30 pounds each year.

Prisoners have a right to receive money. They can receive money by way of a lockbox, Electronics funds transfer, and mailing the money to the Foothills Correctional Institute.

Foothills Correctional Institution North Carolina
Foothills Correctional Institution inmate locator

There are various ways you can gain more information about Foothills Correctional Institution and its prisoners. The Golookup website is an inmate locator that can provide you with details about the inmates, you can run a background check, and it will also help you access criminal records for a price.

It is frequently updated, so you can rest assured about having the latest information such as the phone number and official website. For more information on Foothills Correctional institution, you can either visit the official website or use the Inmate Locator. There are quite a few of them online which do an accurate job finding the desired information about a prisoner.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!