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Garner Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

Newtown is a city in Connecticut, the U.S. with abundant foliage and lush greenery. The Garner Correctional Institution, located in the vicinity, a level 4 high-security prison for adult male inmates, has the privilege of being enveloped in nature too. Strategically hidden by this dense forest cover, and spread over 188 acres of land, the Garner Correctional Institution is not within the sight of the city. Still, some of the residents of the city had raised objections to the detention center when it opened.

The history of the prison dates back to 1992 when it first opened. The facility comprises of two buildings. The main building is made up of a 245,000 square foot area. This is where the inmates live. The main building at the Garner Correctional Institution is also the seat of support services and administrative operations. The other building is made up of 15,100 square feet and its sole purpose is to run maintenance services for the Garner Correctional Institution. Since its inception in 1992, the facility has been changing its intake of inmates, and consequently, its composition of inmates to adjust to changes made by the Department of Corrections in the State of Connecticut. It has had inmates from the general population, close custody inmates, and has resident inmates in its Mental Health Unit. It has also catered to Federal inmates with a high-security status.

Garner Correctional Institution
In the year 1993, the Close Custody Phase Program was put into effect by a group of staff members. The Garner Correctional Institution, located at Newtown in the State of Connecticut, U.S., falls within the management of the Connecticut Department of Corrections. It holds those awaiting trial and those who have already received sentences. The Garner Correctional Institution stands out for its creative programs, aiming at effective intervention. These programs have been proven to have positive effects on inmates, and have led to the efficient and successful integration of prisoners back into society upon release from prison.

Many prisoners released from the Garner Correctional Institution have become productive and contributing members of society outside the confines of incarceration. When Commissioner Theresa C. Lantz was in charge of administrative operations, the welfare and treatment of inmates affected by mental health conditions within the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections were brought under the umbrella of this facility. Depending on their mental health issues, defendants, both pretrial and those who have been sentenced, are housed at the Garner Correctional Institution.

Programs incorporate a highly contemporary and liberal mental health initiative with individualized therapeutic approaches. Treatment plans largely depend on a prisoner's level of functioning. Treatment may be in the form of individual therapy sessions or group therapy sessions. The staff (custody and mental health professionals, approximately 300 in number) incorporate a team effort technique. The goal is to achieve an optimum level of custody, treatment, and control of behavior.

The priority of staff is to see to it that most offenders gain the ability and behavior patterns required to function in the community outside of prison life. Indeed, the positive effects of treatment are intermittently observed during incarceration as well. The Garner Correctional Facility is named after Warden A. Garner, a warden who served at the Connecticut State Prison in Wethersfield (1911-1918). The present warden is Warden Amonda Hannah. Currently, the prison holds approximately 680 inmates.

Garner Correctional Institution Connecticut
Important details About Garner Correctional Institution

The following are important details and information/rules regarding the Garner Correctional Institution:

  • Address: 50 Nunnawauk Road, Newtown, CT 06470
  • Phone: (203) 270 2800
  • Mailing address: The mailing address is the same as the street address mentioned above. All mail to inmates must have the name of the inmate and his ID.

Visiting hours/days at Garner Correctional Institution

Visiting hours at this facility depends on the unit an inmate is housed in. As of January 2020, there are no social visits allowed on Thursdays, until further notice. Visiting days are all days of the week, except Thursdays and are in the morning, afternoon and evening, depending on the unit. You can go to the prison's official website at to find out more about visitation, inmate details, and other relevant information. You can search for an inmate at

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
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