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Grimes Unit Profile and Valuable Information

Grimes Unit history

The Grimes Unit correctional facility was established in the year 1998, and houses around 1100 inmates. The facility provides a rehabilitation facility for medium to maximum level inmates.

Grimes Unit phone number

(870) 523-5877

Grimes Unit address

Grimes Unit

300 Corrections Drive

Newport, AR 72112

Grimes Unit
Grimes Unit inmate programs

The Grimes Unit Correctional Facility provides a host of educational and vocational programs for the inmates.

The Facility provides for educational programs like General Educational Development (GED), Adult Basic Education (ABE) and other diploma level study options for the inmates.

There are counseling sessions for the drug abused and alcohol addicted inmates in order for rehabilitation of the inmates into society. The idea behind the counseling sessions is to work on improving the lifestyle and de-addict the inmates so they can leave in a better state than when they arrived.

Some of the vocational training imparted upon the inmates include Garden and Bee Operation, Religion or faith Based Healing, Principles and Applications for Life (PAL). The General Educational Development Program is provided in association with Arkansas State University. The facility also houses a self-appointed Inmate Council, Story Book Project, Substance Abuse rehabilitation and treatment program, regional facility Maintenance program, Think Legacy Program, Audio-video Tech, and Mental Health Groups. There are several other industrial training and ICC garage training-related programs for inmates to create skills and possible opportunities for employment after being released from the facility.

Grimes Unit visiting hours

The Grimes Unit visiting hours are over the weekends, which is on Saturdays and Sundays. The timings for the visit are from noon around 12 PM to 4 PM in the evening. The inmates are divided into categories of IV, depending upon their sentences and the veracity of the conviction and overall conduct inside the facility. The inmates under the first category are allowed multiple amounts of visits. A category I are allowed up to 4 visits in a month. The rest of the category of inmates is allowed a couple of visits in a month at the maximum.

Grimes Unit mail and visitation rules

For any individual planning on visiting the Grimes Unit Correctional Facility requires to apply for a date to visit the premises by applying and filling up the Visitations forms are to be filled by a friend, family or guardian. The completed form needs to be sent to the Grimes Unit Visitation Clerk. The form after due process and review is allocated a date and time for a visit depending on the category of the inmate and the date and time of the month. The process requires at least a week's time for processing. After a successful application, the inmate needs to inform the visitor about the confirmation and the date and time of the visit.

Grimes Unit Arkansas
Visitors are only allowed the following items into the premises:

  • A plastic bag, transparent, with some cash for refreshments and other snacks
  • prescribed medication for the visitor, upon display original prescription with name and in the original container as provided by the pharmacy
  • government-issued identification, social security number
  • baby diapers, diaper wipes, and baby bottles when along with an infant
  • car keys in case of vehicle
  • actively worn jewelry

For the visitors applying to visit, need to complete the visitation form and mail it to the Grime Unit Visitation Clerk into the given below address along with name and inmate number.

Name, ADC #

Grimes Unit

300 Corrections Drive

Newport, AR 72112

Grimes Unit inmate locator

For visitors looking for inmate information, can visit GoLookup to get access to information regarding inmates from across the country.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!