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Huttonsville Correctional Center Profile and Valuable Information

Huttonsville Correctional Center, West Virginia is a mixed category custody prison as it holds maximum as well as a minimum level of security offenders. It is maintained by the Division of Correctional and Rehabilitation of West Virginia. It has several types of units such as a treatment unit for residential substance abuse, unit for general population, unit for community service, unit for segregation inmates. Presently, it can hold nearly 1140 offenders.

They handle their classification and intake unit. Huttonsville Correctional Center also handles the Huttonsville Work Camp. The Work Camp is positioned adjacent to the correctional center which holds 48 non-violent offenders with minimum custody. They allow the work camp inmates for working on high crews and roads and also helping in local community projects.

Huttonsville Correctional Center

History of Huttonsville Correctional Center

Huttonsville Correctional Center history explains that it was started for relieving the overcrowding of the State Penitentiary of West Virginia in 1937 according to an act of Legislature. It was considered as a branch under the parent facility until 1947 and during this period, the Legislature built it separately as a Medium Security Prison of West Virginia. The facility got its present name according to the legislative act in 1970. The Huttonsville Correctional Center had started operational work from 1939. It is the oldest correctional institute within the state.

Huttonsville Correctional Center phone number: (304)-335-2291

Huttonsville Correctional Center address: Huttonsville Correctional Center, United States 250, Town – Huttonsville, State – West Virginia 26273.

Huttonsville Correctional Center visiting hours:  You can visit an inmate at the Huttonsville Correctional Center on Saturday as well as Sunday between 8 am. To 3:30 pm. They complete the visitor's processing at 2:30 pm. They don’t allow visitors to visitation after their completion of visitors' processing.

Huttonsville Correctional Center mail and visitation rules

The mailing address of Huttonsville Correctional Center is Name of Inmate, ID Number of Inmate, Huttonsville Correctional Center, Post Box No. 1, Town – Huttonsville, State – West Virginia 26273.

You can visit an inmate at Huttonsville Correctional Center with pre-approved visitation provided by the facility. They consider several factors to approve any visitation. They will allow you to visit an inmate if you follow their specific visitation rules. They maintain security by searching for an inmate before and after visiting. You will have to carry your photo ID issued by the government at the time of visiting an inmate.

You will also have to follow the rules for wearing clothes mentioned by the facility when you will visit an inmate. The facility will not allow you to keep some items such as mobile phones, drugs, weapons, tobacco, explosives, cameras, recording devices, alcohol or alcohol-based products, and so on.

Huttonsville Correctional Center West Virginia

Huttonsville Correctional Center inmate programs

Huttonsville Correctional Center inmate programs involve in academic as well as vocational training. It helps them to get opportunities for engaging in rehabilitation efforts when they are in prison. The offenders can obtain GED certificates by attending the classes under the program of the Adult Basic Education.

They provide vocational courses in different areas such as masonry, auto body repairing, machinery, welding, electrical wiring, carpentry, computer lab, and so on. They also participate in the program of the Prison Industry and employ the offenders in the braille program for the transcription of textbooks in braille and in the building of furniture plants and refinishing the furniture used within the different government agencies.

Huttonsville Correctional Center inmate locator

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!