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Ionia Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The Ionia Correctional Facility of Michigan is popularly called I-Max. It is a US federal prison that houses level V and level II criminals in Ionia, in the state of Michigan. There are two separate levels for housing level V and II units. The level V housing unit in Ionia Correctional Facility, Michigan is further segregated into temporary segregation cells and detention cells.

The other three levels are kept for the general inmates. The entire Level V wing comprises of single double-winged cells, and five bu-level units. This design allows the inmates to participate in outdoor recreation while remaining in the single module occupancy.

Ionia Correctional Facility
Ionia Correctional Facility History

The federal correctional facility first opened in 1987, and one of the four men’s maximum-security prison, in Michigan state. For sometime Ionia Correctional Facility, Michigan  was the only supermax prison, housing level VI criminals in Michigan. But in 2004 it was downgraded back to level 5 maximum-security prison.

While the level V prisoners are mostly confined to their individual cells, level II prisoners have a relatively higher level of freedom. They have access to different recreational activities and they are also allowed to hold part-time jobs in the prison. They are also allowed to go and work in selected Michigan state industries.

Ionia Correctional Facility Contact details 

Address: Ionia Correctional Facility, Michigan. 1576 W Blue Water Highway. Ionia, MI 48846

Phone No.: 616 527 6331

Ionia Correctional Facility Inmate programs

There are many physical, vocational and educational programs available in Ionia Correctional Facility, Michigan. The academic programs available for the inmates of level II housing units include GED or General Education Development, employment readiness classes, Adult Basic Education, Special Education, etc. Some of the level V prisoners do not have the permission of participating in any group activities. For them, solitary programs are curated, for their personal academic development. These programs include, AA groups, Against Violence Group, think the change, mental health sessions, and religious services.

Level II inmates enjoy a wider variety of vocational and skill development courses. For instance, in the Leader Dogs Program, the inmates train rescue dogs from local shelters as guard dogs for the blind. The inmates also get regular dental and medical care from Sparrow Iona hospital.

Ionia Correctional Facility Visitation rules 

If you plan to visit any of the federal or state prisons, you need to ensure that you are already in the approved visitation list of the prisoner. It is the sole responsibility of the prisoner to inform the prison officers about people who may visit them. The Visitors Application Form has to be filled by the visitor and mailed it to the correctional facility's postal address. After the request form is processed, the prisoner is informed along with visitors. It can take up to two months for the form to be processed.

Ionia Correctional Facility Visiting hours

Visitors whose names are already approved in the visitation list can visit from Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday.

Visiting time: 3:50 pm to 7:50 pm

Recently changes have been made to the visitation hours. Please check their official website for their updated timings at

Ionia Correctional Facility Michigan

Ionia Correctional Facility Inmate Search

Once the booking report is done, then the inmate search becomes a lot easier. To find out if someone is held in the  Ionia Correctional Facility in Michigan, you can log in to their official website and check-in their Inmate Search section. Other than that, there are various other websites available where you can search for any information about an inmate. The is a reliable website for conducting independent inmate searches.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!