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Kern Valley State Prison Information

Kern Valley state prison located in Delano, California. This prison is meant only for male inmates. It is a Level IV maximum security prison.

Contact Information Address

The address of Kern Valley State Prison is as follows:

3000 West Cecil Avenue
Delano, CA 93216 6000.

The main phone number of the prison is 661 721 6300.

Mailing Information

The staff mailing address of the prison is:

Kern Valley State Prison,

P O Box 3130,

Delano, CA 93216-6000

Kern Valley State Prison

Number of Inmates

The Kern Valley prison is a Level IV prison that has four semi-autonomous and 2 individuals units. It is located near the North Kern state prison. Since it is a Level IV prison, it has an electrified fence around the entire perimeter. The prison also has a Level 1 minimum support prison unit that is the transitional housing unit.

The prison is located on a land of 600 acres. The prison has a total capacity of 2,448. As of March 2019, it has a population of 3,716 and is overpopulated and working over-capacity.

Visitation Hours

Kern Valley prison is located in California State and comes under the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). There are set procedures to meet an inmate housed at any of the prisons in the state.

Meeting someone houses at this prison is possible on Saturdays, Sundays and the four holidays, i.e: New Year, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Visitation hours are between 7:30 am/8:00 am to 2:00 pm/ 3:00 pm.

To meet an inmate an online appointment can be taken. The booking of an appointment can be done through the websites of CDCR that is meant for visitations. This can be visited at

A toll-free hotline is available 1 800 374 8474. This number can be used for clarifications on visitation specific to any prison.

Information about the Management

The CDCR is managed by Secretary Ralph Diaz. He is responsible for managing all prisons in the state.

Kern Valley state prison is managed by its warden. Christian Pfeiffer is the Warden of Kern Valley State Prison and has held charge since 2015.

Kern Valley State Prison

Institution Programs Offered in the Prison

Kern Valley State Prison has many programs to offer for inmates, including academic and non-academic

Academic Programs

The academic programs that are offered at the prison are Adult Basic Education and the General Education Diploma. CASAS, GED and TABE assessment facilities are available at the prison.

Other Programs

Vocational programs offered at the prison focus on auto mechanics, small engine repair, welding, office services, etc. Apart from the vocational programs, there are multiple certification programs on offer on Excel, Word, Powerpoint, outdoor power equipment, automotive service excellence program, etc.

Law library, recreational services, and education physical programs are also available. The Division of Rehabilitative Programs of CDCR has many programs to help rehabilitate the inmate on completion of the prison term. Inmates can have access to both in prison programs during their stay, and after prison programs at different centers.

The family liaison service facility is also available at the prison.

How to Find an Inmate in Kern Valley State Prison?

CDCR has a website to help locate inmates who are in Kern Valley. The website can be accessed from This is a common facility available across all prison in the state of California.

Finding inmates can be done by using their first and last name in the search box provided in the website. This facility is available only to find adult inmates at the prison. Finding inmates is easy if the unique CDCR number assigned to the inmate is known.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 27, 2022
Sensitive Information!