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Larch Corrections Center Profile and Valuable Information

The Larch Corrections Center (LCC) is a minimum-security prison located in Yacolt, WA. This center is controlled and operated by the Washington Department of Corrections. Well known for its inmate quality of life, LCC is considered the best situation to be in if ever incarcerated.

Larch Corrections Center Programs:

Environmental Education: Education is an important part of any LCC program. LCC stresses on formal as well as informal educational opportunities with prospects to continually acquire new knowledge. The central focus of LCC is to provide education and training in environmental studies and conservation of nature. In aligning with its focus, environment workshops are regularly conducted. An environment expert comes over to LCC to impart knowledge of sustaining nature. Topics in the discussion include wildlife, biology, composting, biofuels, hydrology, and other related topics.

Larch Corrections Center

Community College Courses: Inmates have opportunities to access classroom instructions and hands-on work conducted in community colleges across Washington State. Thus partnerships are made with community colleges to accept inmates into a campus for opportunities of education inside a real college classroom.

Larch Corrections Center Sustainable Operations:

Prisons are small cities in their own right and sustaining them is an extremely costly affair. With a few thousand living in confined areas, all facilities need to be provided in order to maintain the general health of each individual. And therefore, facilities like health and dental care, treatment programs, training in technical skills and employment training and food services need to run 24/7 like a well-oiled machine. Thus self-sustenance in prisons is high on the priority. Major sustainable operations in LCC include greenhouse gas emissions production, energy, waste sorting, waste reduction, etc. Waste, for example, is sorted, composted, recycled and used as fertilizers in gardening.

Conservation: LCC’s conservation program has the following highlights:-

Conservation is to preserve and protect local living organisms and species, landscape and natural resources.

Conservation in LCC takes help and builds partnerships with experts in the field of conservation and thus expert advice is sought from professionals in the conservation space.

Reclamation, Restoration and Repurpose Program: The motto of LCC, as well as the Washington State Department of Corrections, is to throw nothing to waste. Instead, the waste product can be reclaimed and made into a product of value. Some examples of reclamation, restoration, and reuse are computers being refurbished for schools, growing vegetarian produce for food banks and making quilts that can be donated to homeless shelters.

Pet programs: LCC in partnership with community nonprofits has a pet program wherein inmates are assigned shelter dogs in order to temporarily care for the animal and impart obedience training. This program has turned out to be an effective tool to mellow down highly violent and mentally disturbed inmates. These pets, once trained are put up for adoption and are subsequently sent to good homes where they are taken care of.

Restorative Nature: This program helps bring nature into prison. For a highly volatile and stressful environment in correctional centers, nature in the form of flowers, plants, and trees provides a therapeutic benefit wherein nerves are calmed thereby creating a peaceful atmosphere inside prison campuses.

Larch Corrections Center Washington

Local Family Council: Larch is constantly looking at inviting family members to serve on the advisory board, working in tandem with the Correction Program Manager and the Community Participation Program Coordinator to help enhance the quality of meetings a family member would have with an inmate. Better ways to interact and thereby help the inmate change his / her personality are explored and implemented through the Local Family Council.

Larch Corrections Center Visitation: In order to visit an inmate, a visitor's application needs to fill up. The application form is available on the Prison Visits page of the website. The prison will subsequently inform you of when the visit can be made possible.

Larch Corrections Center Inmate Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!