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Lee State Prison Information

Lee State Prison is located in Leesburg, Georgia State. It is a Medium Level Security Prison. The prison was opened in 1979. It is a prison meant to house adult male felons only. The prison underwent renovation in 2002.

Contact Information

Physical  Address

153 Pinewood Drive, Leesburg GA 3173.

229 759 3100 is the phone number to contact the prison.

Mailing Information

Letters to inmates of the prison can be sent in the following format to

Inmate Name, ID number,

Lee State Prison,

153 Pinewood Drive, Leesburg GA 3173

Number of Inmates

The Lee State Prison was constructed with a capacity to house 762 prisoners.

There are a total of eleven units in the prison, each of which has eight rooms. Each room can house 6 inmates. There are two additional units in the prison with 24 cells that four beds in each of the cell. There are 16 separate cells that are isolation cells to segregate dangerous inmates who are difficult to manage. These cells have two beds each.

Physically disabled offenders who need a wheelchair can be accommodated in four special bunk beds. The prison also has a CERT team, a tactical squad, a canine unit, and a fire station.

Lee State Prison
Visitation Hours

It is possible to visit the prison to meet inmates on Saturdays, Sundays, and on all state holidays. The visitation hours are from 9 am to 3 pm.

Visitation rules to visit inmates in any of the prisons in Georgia are the same. Advance application has to be submitted to obtain visitation privilege. The details of the inmate and the persons who want to visit the inmate needs to be provided in the form. Visitors planning to meet inmates need to provide details of their criminal records (if any). Visitors also need to describe their relationship with the inmate and how it helps the inmate’s rehabilitation.

Special visits are possible on approval of the warden.

Information about the Management

The Lee state prison is located in Georgia and is a part of the Georgia Department of Corrections. The prisons in the state are managed by the Board of Corrections, headed by the Commissioner. The present Commissioner is Timothy C Ward.

The Lee State Prison is managed by the warden who is responsible for the prison operations. Allen Dills is the warden of the prison.

Institution Programs Offered in the Prison

Lee prison offers Academic as well as Non-Academic Programs for all inmates.

Lee State Prison

Academic Programs

The Academic Programs offered at the prison are:

  • General Education Diploma
  • Literacy Remedial program
  • Adult Basic Diploma

Other Programs

Other programs for inmates at this prison are:

  1. a) Vocational Programs on automotive, carpentry, engine repair, HVAC, barber, laundry, building maintenance, gardening, horticulture, etc.
  2. b) Counseling programs are offered for inmates. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous support groups are available.
  3. c) Recreation and religious activities are also available.

How to Find an Inmate in Lee State Prison?

The Department of Corrections in Georgia has a common search facility to find inmates. It can be used to find inmates who are housed in Lee state prison. The department has an online facility to locate an inmate. This can be done online at

An inmate in the prison can be found by searching for the last or first name. The results can be filtered using gender, race, and age. If the ID of the inmate is known or the case number is known, then the search can be more effective. Else, all matching names will be displayed and the names need to be browsed to find the person you are looking for.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!