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Macon State Prison Information

Situated in Oglethorpe Georgia, Macon State Prison is a prison facility for closed custody and houses about 1762 offenders. The adult male-only prison facility falls under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Corrections and confines offenders who are found guilty for committing a felony. The institution comprises of an open dormitory, double cells or single cells to confine the inmates. The facility has work crews engaged in food, laundry, maintenance, and landscaping services.

Also, there are various programs designed for the inmates in delivering vocational or educational skills to them. Macon State Prison offers various academic courses including literacy classes, adult basic education, and a GED course. The institution teaches a string of vocational skills including barbering, computers, culinary arts, building and custodial maintenance, customer service, horticulture, clerical worker, and landscaping.

Macon State Prison Warden Information

Mr. Clinton Perry is the warden of Macon State Prison effective 1st August 2018. Previously, Perry functioned as Central State Prison’s Junior Warden. He is responsible to oversee approximately 1,679 male offenders under close security and about 402 staff members.

Macon State Prison Visiting Hours

The visitation schedules of this state prison are on Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9am to 3pm, albeit on a rotating schedule. The schedule depends on the prisoner’s last name’s first alphabet.

Macon State Prison Address

Macon State Prison,

2728 Highway 49 South,

Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068

Macon State Prison

Macon State Prison Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate Name and ID Number,

Macon State Prison,

P.O. Box 426,

Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068.

Macon State Prison phone number


Macon State Prison FAX

(478) 472-3524

Macon State Prison Inmate Programs

Macon State Prison has an Inmate Services division constituting of the following units:

  1. Academic education
  2. Vocational training
  3. Transitional services
  4. RSAT (residential Substance Abuse Treatment)
  5. Risk Reduction Services
  6. Chaplaincy Services

Macon State Prison Academic Education

  1. Daily enrollment is about 7,000
  2. Offenders who do not hold a GED or high school diploma can participate voluntarily
  3. Academic education constitutes of 1 to 3 study courses, as well is made available at more than 80 sites
  4. Special education and general education study courses:
  5. a) ABE or Adult Basic Education
  6. b) L/RR or Literacy
  7. c) Braille and ESL are made available at some facilities
  8. d) HS diploma-Charter High School Program
  9. e) Preparation for GED or General Education Diploma
  10. Number of annual GED exams: 2,500 to 3,000
  11. The post-secondary study is made available in case the recipient has the necessary approval, as well as, pays all post-secondary expenses
  12. Full-time and part-time GDC staff deliver classroom-based instruction along with supplementary faculties from the Technical colleges in the locality.

Also, post-secondary education, technical, and career unit ensure that inmates are prepared for employment after they are released from prison.

 Macon State Prison Inmates

Macon State Prison Vocational Classroom Training

  1. Auto Painting
  2. Auto Mechanics
  3. Auto Body Repair
  4. Barbering
  5. Beekeeping
  6. Braille Transcription
  7. Building/Industrial Maintenance
  8. Computer/Office Technology
  9. Cabinetry/Carpentry
  10. Commercial Driver’s License
  11. Electronic/ Computer Repair Work (Microsoft Certification)
  12. Cosmetology
  13. Customer Service and Computer Technology
  14. Diesel Mechanics
  15. Drafting
  16. Electrical Wiring
  17. Culinary Arts/ Food Preparation
  18. Printing/ Graphic Arts
  19. Air Conditioning and Heating
  20. Tile Setting/ Masonry
  21. Plumbing
  22. Veterinary Assistant
  23. Visual Graphics
  24. Welding
  25. Woodworking

Macon State Prison On the Job Training

Offenders who enroll in OJT or on the job training can earn completion certificates from technical colleges that certify the skills picked up by them while they were on their specific work assignments.

Macon State Prison How to Find an Inmate in Macon State Prison

To locate an inmate, go to find an offender page of the Georgia Department of Corrections. You can either search an inmate through his description or name or search him by his case number or ID.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!