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Marcy Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The most populated city in the United States of America is New York. There are around fifty-two correctional facilities or prisons in the city of New York. Marcy Correctional Facility is one of those prisons which is established specially for male prisoners. This facility is located in Marcy, Oneida County in New York and has medium security establishment.

There are no stairs in this facility and it is structured on only one level. This is the reason this facility is great for housing disabled prisoners. This facility has one room which is designated as a classroom where prisoners learn how to clean toilets and offices, repair electrical devices, and other similar tasks. According to the Marcy Correctional Facility history, it was opened in 1989 and with a capacity of holding 1522 prisoners at a time.

Marcy Correctional Facility
About the Facility:

Utilizing the Marcy Correctional Facility phone number is the best way to contact inmates whenever required. The phone number of this facility is available for everyone needing some information about the facility and its inmates. The phone number of this facility is (315)-768-1400. The physical address and mailing address of this facility is different.

If anyone wants to visit this facility, they should follow Marcy Correctional Facility address which is 9000 Old River Road, Marcy, New York 13403. If anyone wishes to mail one of the inmates, they have to just mail their letter on Marcy Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 3600, Marcy, New York 13403. This mailing address should be followed by the name of the inmate with his ID number.

Marcy Correctional Facility Inmate Programs:

There are more than the average number of Marcy Correctional Facility inmate programs to help prisoners. This inmate programs include anger management program, alcohol, and abuse treatment programs, family development programs, library and law library services, educational or vocational programs, guidance and counseling services, recreational programs, sex offender treatment programs, religious services, trauma programs, temporary release programs, veteran services, transitional services programs, and volunteer services & programs.

Marcy Correctional Facility Visiting Rules:

Marcy Correctional Facility visiting hours start from 8.30 am to 3 pm every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. As suggested by Marcy Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules, there are only three adults and two infants allowed for every visit. The visitors can visit for an unlimited number of times during their visit to the facility under visiting hours. To visit the facility, it is important to fill the application form to get approved for the visit. Additionally, visitors must follow the dress code of the facility during their visit to the prison.

There is a residential mental health unit in this facility that helps inmates who are suffering from mental disorders. The location of this facility is shared with the Central New York Psychiatric Center. There are various in-house treatment programs like substance abuse and alcohol treatment programs are available in the prison for the inmates.

Marcy Correctional Facility New York

Marcy Correctional Facility Inmate Search:

If anyone is looking for an inmate, it has become easier and simple only when the person knows how to do it. Various databases are available on the internet to search for an inmate. To search for an inmate, it is important to know where to search for them. Marcy Correctional Facility inmate locator just requires minimal information about the inmate like the name of the State where the inmate is serving or the place where the inmate is incarcerated.

Another way to find inmates is to utilize the GoLookUp inmate search directory that has all the information about every inmate. It will help in every possible way to find the inmate in the minimal possible time. Any person can utilize this search directory to get information about the inmates.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2022
Sensitive Information!