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Mitchellville Correctional Institution for Women Profile and Valuable Information

Do you have a loved one who is held as an inmate in the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women? Here is a guide with the basic information about the facility which will help you contact the inmate in a better way keeping all the rules in check:

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women history

The institution is also referred to as the Mitchellville Prison for Women, owing to its location. The prison has both minimum and medium levels of security and is responsible for preparing female offenders to successfully re-enter the social community. The facility offers a range of inmate programs that look into it.

The correctional institution was expanded (designed exclusively for female inmates) during early 2017, which included the renovation of 5 buildings and the construction of 6 new ones and improvements in the site. It has the capacity to house approximately 888 female offenders with both cell housing & dorm-style units. Additionally, repeat inmates (for violating parole) requiring intensive treatment are hosed in a “return-to-confinement” facility.

Mitchellville Correctional Institution for Women

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women phone number

Call +1 515-725-5042

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women address

420 Mill St SW, Mitchellville, IA 50169, United States

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women inmate programs

The facility offers a varied range of inmate programs, focusing on domestic violence, parenting, interpersonal relationships, substance abuse prevention, and treatment victim impact, independent living, thinking patterns, decision-making skills, etc.

  • GED Program
  • Vocational Training Programs (including on-site opportunities)
  • Referral Program
  • Health Education Program
  • Career assessment & job skills Program (in partnership with Iowa Workforce Development)
  • Counseling Programs

The curriculum of all the programs is gender-responsive and evidence-based.

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women visiting hours

Visitors can visit an inmate in the ICIW main visiting room on Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday and State Holidays between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women mail and visitation rules

There are strict procedures to abide by if you want to send mail to an inmate. Also, be aware that prior to being distributed to the inmate it is addressed to, the mails are inspected by the staff.

  • Letters, newspapers, magazines, books, and photographs can be sent in the mail
  • Books and Magazine must directly from the publisher with the inmate's name & address on the address label.
  • It is best to send not more than 10 photos in one mail.
  • Inmates cannot have photos of themselves
  • Postcards must be unstamped & unmetered and not larger than 4”x6”

The visitation rules are as follows:

  • To be eligible to visit the offender, fill in the visitor’s application and mail it to the Central Visiting Authority at:

Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility

 Attn: Central Records

 1200 E. Washington

 Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

  • Call the facility prior to your visit to ensure whether the inmate still retains visiting privileges and is available for a visit. Also because there can be incidents of cancellations due to emergency lockdown.
  • Being on 2 inmate’s visitor list at the same time is not allowed.
  • If your application is approved, the inmate will be further responsible to intimate you about it.
  • All visitors (minors included) will be searched and have to pass through a metal detector while entering the facility.
  • It is a mandate to carry a valid photo id proof and birth certificates (for minors).
  • Suppose the inmate you’re visiting has been transferred to another facility, then you're approved visitor list will transfer with them.
  • With you, the vehicle in which you come might also be checked
  • Do not bring cell phones & other electronic items, lighters, tobacco products into the facility.
  • Disrespectful, loud and disruptive behavior is not tolerated and terminates your visit. So, don’t leave minor visitors accompanying you, unsupervised.
  • Exchanging anything apart from items from the canteen or vending machine will have your visiting privileges revoked.
  • You will not be allowed inside if you wear revealing or provocative clothes and uniforms of any kind.
  • Outwears like hats, bandana, sun-glass, etc are not allowed.
 Mitchellville Correctional Institution for Women Iowa

Iowa Correctional Institution for Women inmate search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!