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Morrison Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

The Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina is one of the oldest prisons in the vicinity of North Carolina. If one goes to Hoffman BP gas station and goes on the Caddell road, they can locate this beautiful correctional institution spread over acres of land. The North Carolina Department of Safety is maintaining this state prison that is now also a correctional institution for youth offenders and women.

Morrison Correctional Institution History

The Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina history was opened in 1923 when the state governing body decided to build state training school for Negro boys. Till 2002 this correctional institution was a medium-security facility for adult male offenders. Later it was converted into a youth prison.

Here along with disciplining the inmates, several institutional training programs are conducted. Along with training, tests and college courses are also conducted so that the amount of learning by the inmates can be evaluated and put to use. Substance abuse is strictly condemned in this 175-acre vicinity and any inmate violating the rules will be brought under the direct control of the warden. 800 inmates can be housed in this facility.

Morrison Correctional Institution
Morrison Correctional Institution Location

The Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina address is:

Morrison Correctional Institution

Box 169 Hoffman Mc Donald church road

Richmond County

NC 28347

The Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina phone number is


Morrison Correctional Institution visiting hours:

One can visit prisoners at the institution on Saturday. Each visitation session lasts for 2 hours. In October to March, one can visit on Saturdays10 AM till noon. In April to June, one can pay a visit between 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM for names beginning from A till J and 10 AM to Noon for names from K to Z.

Similarly in the month of July to September the first visitation period is for names beginning from K to Z and the second slot is for the names beginning from A to J. Similarly there are rules for medium custody visitation from May to August and September to December. The non-contact visitation is fixed using an appointment. If there are special custody, then special visits can be arranged upon court order

The Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina mail and visitation rules are as follows. One can mail the inmate at the following mailing address:

Inmate Name, ID number

Morrison correctional facility


Morrison Correctional Institution Visitation rules

The correction facility has visitation rules that are followed strictly. According to the Morrison Correctional facility, a maximum of 2 visitors can visit the center at a time. Generally, all the visitors will be thoroughly screened and their bags will be searched. The number of visitors includes kids, women and senior citizens. The dress code is mandatory. After frisking, if anyone is found violating the rules of visitation, the permission is canceled and one has to wait for the next turn to meet their family.

Morrison Correctional Institution North Carolina
Morrison Correctional Institution Inmate programs

The Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina inmate programs are helpful for the jail inmates to help the youth prisoners to learn and imbibe good habits. Some of the most popular programs are:

  1. pottery
  2. basic education
  3. Language and culture
  4. Plumbing, masonry, electrical work
  5. flooring
  6. horticulture
  7. vocational training
  8. Welding
  9. Masonry
  10. Prevention of abuse
  11. Say no to drugs program
  12. Anger management
  13. College degrees.

Morrison Correctional Institution Inmate Search

One can use the Morrison Correctional Institution, North Carolina inmate locator GoLookUp inmate search directory at to identify inmates in the correction facility. Along with inmate details, one can get their complete arrest record and Mugshot image. This third party GoLookUp website has a direct link with the Federal database.

The Morrison correction institution is almost a 100-year-old institution that was an adult prison created to host juvenile criminals. Though the training school was converted to house both men and women prisoners later, it was again transformed into a dedicated youth training institution that offers different corrective programs to its inmates successfully.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
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