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Mount Olive Correctional Complex Profile and Valuable Information

Situated in West Virginia, the Mount Olive Correctional Complex with a capacity to house 1030 adult male inmates is the only maximum-security correctional facility in the state. Spread over 120 acres, the complex was opened in 1995 to replace West Virginia’s civil-war era Penitentiary. Those incarcerated here are convicted and sentenced for a given period of time for crimes committed under the laws of the state of West Virginia. This Correctional Complex is maintained by the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation.

The inmates here are considered to be high risk, disruptive and violent. In view of the profile of the inmates, the entire complex is strongly secured with a triple fence and electronic surveillance.

The Mount Olive Correctional Complex operates as a self equipped mini town. It is armed with a post office, power plant, hospital, courtroom, library, food services, laundry provisions and a warehouse among other facilities.

Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Mount Olive Correctional Complex Vocational Courses on Offer

There are many correctional, educational and vocational programs conducted for inmates here to give them a chance of a better life once they finish their prison sentence. They can procure a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible & Theology by clearing a course conducted by the Appalachian Bible College. Paws4People foundation selects inmates to train them as Dog trainers. Convicts living here can also opt to learn soap making, welding, road sign making among the many vocations on offer by the West Virginia Correctional Industries.

The Mount Olive Correctional Complex also helps inmates overcome drug, alcohol and long term substance abuse. It even holds counseling sessions on anger management.

Inmates categorized as less violent and dangerous are incarcerated in the Slayton Work Camp which is situated outside the main prison area. The camp was opened in 2008 to house comparatively low-risk inmates who can be provided for labor and community services in the area.

Mount Olive Correctional Complex Visiting Hours

Those seeking to visit an inmate can do so on weekends. Visitors can register from 8:30 am to 10:30 am and again from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays only. The visiting room is open till 6 pm. For any information in advance about the procedure, inquiries can be made at the complex direct telephone number (304) 442-7213.

Mount Olive Correctional Complex Visitation Rules

Only 3 visitors on the inmates’ approved list are allowed a meeting at any given point of time. All visitors must provide two sets of personal identifications in advance and minors must be accompanied by an adult. No cell phones are allowed inside the complex and all visitors have to follow a strict dress code.

Sending Mail to an Inmate

Inmates can receive or send mail under very strict supervision. Both incoming and outgoing mail is thoroughly inspected for any prohibited item. Only unstamped and plain white postcards of maximum 4" x 6" are allowed. There are strict rules about writing too. All mails must be written only with a pencil or with blue/black ink.

The contents and look of the mail too must pass strict rules set for them. Greeting cards with glitter and stickers pasted on them are rejected by the authorities. If any magazine needs to be sent to an inmate it must come directly from the publisher with the inmate’s name on it.

Mount Olive Correctional Complex West Virginia

Mount Olive Correctional Complex Inmate Search

If you are looking to locate an inmate locked up at this facility, all you need to do is go to and search for him.

Mount Olive Correctional Complex Details at a Glance

Address: 1 Mountainside Way, Mt Olive, WV 25185, (Fayette County), USA

Capacity: 1030 Prisoners

Opened in: 1995

Contact: (304) 442-7213

Fax: (304) 442-7225

Official Website:

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!