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Pasquotank Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

What is the "shape" of a community? Though this question may sound a bit odd, according to experts, the shape of a community is determined by the groups of people living in it. But it is a known fact that people of drastically different traits live in a community. That is precisely the reason why no one is able to define correctly the shape of a community. An expert has put it rightly by saying that the good and the bad co-exist in communities. So, the possibility of conflicts is constant in communities.

In this scenario, governments adopt a rightful stand by siding with the good because they are aware that if the good and normal citizens are not protected from the wily activities of the bad, there will be turmoil and chaos everywhere. That is why governments are laying down rules and amending laws for ensuring that the bad are kept at bay and the good are protected.

At the same time, governments are reluctant to allow the bad to always remain "bad." They want to eliminate the rottenness from the minds of bad people and awaken the sleeping goodness in them. That is why the governments of countries including that of the USA and those of the states of the USA are setting up correctional facilities for enabling the convicts in them choose the right path. Let us now look at some of the details of the Pasquotank Correctional Facility in North Carolina.

Pasquotank Correctional Institution
Pasquotank Correctional Facility History

The Pasquotank Correctional Facility history reveals that the unit was set up with funds from a program for prison construction worth about $103 million. It was on 27th March 1996 the facility was dedicated to the nation. There is a prison with minimum security as well by the side of the facility and this prison with 256 beds was constructed with funds from the General Assembly-approved funds of about $87.5 million. The design of the facility is similar to those of the correctional facilities in Foothills and Marion that are on the western side of North Carolina.

Pasquotank Correctional Facility Phone number 

Those who may want to contact the facility should face little trouble. Hence, the authorities have provided the Pasquotank Correctional Facility phone number on the website of the facility. The phone number is +1 252-331-4881.

Address of the Pasquotank Correctional Facility.

For the sake of people who want to visit the facility, the Pasquotank Correctional Facility address is given hereunder:

Pasquotank Correctional Institution

527 Commerce Drive

Elizabeth City, NC 27906

Pasquotank Correctional Facility Inmate programs

Pasquotank Correctional Facility inmate programs consist of basic education provided to adults so that the convicts can get a GED certification. In addition, programs that enhance the mental health of the inmates, medical programs that include dental-related ones, and those for recreation are also made available to the convicts housed in the unit. Some of the additional programs offered are those for treating substance abuse and vocational training.

Pasquotank Correctional Institution North Carolina
Pasquotank Correctional Facility Visiting Hours 

As far as Pasquotank Correctional Facility visiting hours are concerned, there are two different rules, one for those inmates who come under the minimum custody category, and another for inmates who come under the close custody category. Even in the former category, those with last names that start with A and up to M can have visitors on Saturdays between 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM. Those with last names that start with N and up to Z can have visitors on Sundays between 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM.

In the case of inmates who come under the Close Custody category, visitors have to obtain permission by calling three days prior to their visits. Once they get permission, they can visit on any day between Sunday and Thursday. The number they should call is (252)-331-4765.

Pasquotank Correctional Facility Mail and Visitation Rules

According to the Pasquotank Correctional Facility mail and visitation rules, mails can be sent only to its address. The visitation rules specify that more than three persons will not be allowed for every visit.

Pasquotank Correctional Facility Inmate Locator

Though there are websites using which inmates of the facility can be located, these websites pale in comparison with that of GoLookUp, thanks to the ease of use it provides. Therefore, when the question of finding a Pasquotank Correctional Facility Inmate Locator comes, is the best.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!