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Pulaski State Prison Information

Pulaski State Prison is a prison for women inmates located in Hawkinsville, Georgia state. The prison commenced operations in 1994. It is a medium security correctional facility for adult females only.

Contact Information

Pulaski State Prison Address

The address of the prison is:

Pulaski State Prison

373 Upper River Road

Hawkinsville, GA 31036

The main phone of the prison is 478 783 6000

Pulaski State Prison Mailing Information

Mail to the prison can be sent to the following address:

Pulaski State Prison

P O Box 839,

Hawkinsville, GA 31036

 State Prison Pulask

Pulaski State Prison Number of Inmates

Pulaski state prison was built with a capacity to house 1,223 inmates. The prison is running to under capacity and has 634 inmates as on Jan ‘2019.

The prison has four buildings to houses 96 persons in double rooms. There are two buildings that have double rooms, as well as triple rooms that can house 120 inmates in each building. One more building can house 106 inmates and has both single and double rooms. 43 inmates can be housed in a segregation unit. Two other buildings can house 192 inmates per building. There is also a CERT team at the prison.

Pulaski State Prison Visitation Hours

The Visitation hours at Pulaski State Prison is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Visitation is possible on Saturdays, Sundays, and on all public holidays.

The guidelines on visiting inmates are as per the norms of the Georgia Department of Corrections. A visitor list has to be prepared in advance and only those whose names are listed can visit inmates. Those wanting to meet an inmate should arrive at least half an hour before visit time.

Information About the Management

The Georgia Department of Corrections manages all prisons in the state. The department is headed by the Commissioner Timothy C Ward.

The Pulaski State Prison is managed by the Warden of the prison. Sue Mickens is the Warden of the prison. She has been working in the department since 1991. She is in charge of the prison from 2016.

 State Prison Pulaski

Institution Programs Offered in the Prison

Inmates at the Pulaski state prison has access to many academic and non-academic programs.

Academic programs

Inmates can undergo the Education Diploma program, Adult Basic Education, and Literacy program.

Other programs

Vocational programs are offered on Library, Cosmetology, Cooking, Laundry, Vehicle maintenance, plumbing, garment, Foodservice, Horticulture, Graphic Arts, and Computer technology.

Various Counseling Programs are Available for Inmates. These include:

  • Family Violence
  • Active Parenting
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous
  • Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Sex offender counseling

Re-entry counseling facility is available to help inmates prepare for their life and career once they are released from prison.

Recreation and religious activities are also available for the inmates at the prison.

How to Find an Inmate in Pulaski State Prison

The Georgia Department of Corrections has an online facility to allow search for inmates at any of the prisons in the state. Anyone who wants to find an inmate who is located in Pulaski State Prison can use this facility. is the website using which inmate search can be carried out. To search for inmates any of the following criteria can be used:

  1. a) Last name of the inmate
  2. b) First name of the inmate
  3. c) Gender
  4. d) Race
  5. e) Age range
  6. f) The most recent institution (Selected from a list)

Any of the above information can be used to find inmates. Additional options like eye color, height, weight, alias name, offense, etc can also be used. The list of inmates matching the search string used will be displayed. The search can be done quickly if the case number or the Inmate ID is known.

Pulaski State Prison Mugshots and Arrest Records

  • #1 Cruelty Toward Child (Abuse Child Without Great Bodily Harm)
  • #1 Pwit Cocaine Of Less Than 28Grams
  • #1 Moving Traffic Viol: Knowingly Drive While Lic Suspended Revoked

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!