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Red Wing Minnesota Correctional Profile and Valuable Information

The Red Wing, Minnesota correctional facility building was constructed in the year 1890 and the inmates started to move in. The Red Wing, Minnesota correctional facility history is that at that time in 1890, the number of inmates that the jail could have was 600 but now in 2020 the inmate capacity is much lesser and the numbers change each year.

Red Wing Minnesota Correctional Contact Details

If you want more details on how many inmates are there and what are the other facilities, you can call the correctional facility on the Red Wing, Minnesota (correctional facility) phone number 651-267-3600. If you want to understand anything about the correctional facility in detail then you can pay a visit on the Red Wing, Minnesota (correctional facility) address which is 1079 Highway 292 Red Wing, MN 55066.

Red Wing Minnesota correctional

Red Wing, Minnesota Correctional Facility Inmate Programs

Red Wing, Minnesota (correctional facility) inmate programs are very popular and this correctional facility has many such programs such as the aggression replacement therapy to help inmates control their temper, there is peer relationships training, a course on how to handle trauma and grief.

If someone is a juvenile sex offender then courses for how he can change his nature, there are vocational courses for the better inmates, if inmates want to start working post-jail then jobs are found which match the experience of the inmate, health and dental care is to be provided, there are some mentors and volunteers to help the inmates see through the troubled times, and the correctional facility makes sure that the inmates are inclined towards religion and spirituality. The facility also plans leisure activities for the inmates.

Red Wing Minnesota Correctional Visiting Hours

The inmates are allowed visitors but for that, there are Red Wing, Minnesota (correctional facility) visiting hours. No one can visit the inmates during state holidays. On other days i.e. from Wednesday to Friday visits are allowed between 8:30 AM–3:30 PM. When it comes to Saturdays there are visits between 3: 45 – 7: 45 PM and Sundays, visits are allowed between 8: 30 AM – 3: 30 PM. There are no visits on Monday and Tuesday.

Red Wing Minnesota Correctional Visitation Rules

Red Wing, Minnesota (correctional facility) mail and visitation rules state that relatives and friends can send mails to the inmates which are all opened and read before these reach the inmate, but legal mail is only opened before the inmate and not in private by the prison authorities. You can even mail your inmate greeting cards and letters.

The inmates do not get access to computers to see the emails, these emails are printed and then given to the inmate.

You can also happily visit the inmate provided you are following the visitation rules such as you are not another offender who is out on parole or pardon. Your visit should not be a threat to anyone in the correctional facility.

The same rules apply to contact and non-contact visits. You obviously cannot smoke weed, smokes cigarettes or drink alcohol with the inmate. You cannot carry any weapons, even cell phones and watches are not allowed.

Even in contact visits, you cannot be intimate with the inmate and more than a hug, a kiss on the cheek, and a handshake are not allowed.

If you have a child with you, it is the responsibility of the visitor and the inmate in question to take care of that child.

Gifts For The Inmate

If you have got a gift for the inmate then the correctional facility recommends books and magazines as gifts. You can make sure that the inmate has a subscription to some of his favorite magazines through Amazon.

Humane Correctional Facility

The rules are humane and yet strict. Since it is a correctional facility, the aim of the departments is that the inmate becomes society friendly and becomes a part of society once he or she is released from the facility.

Red Wing Minnesota correctional Minnesota

The RedWing inmate locator is If you do not have the ID of the inmate, then you can easily locate your inmate by typing out his first and last name and his state of residence were the last knowns. You will need to read the website terms and conditions before you start the search.

Do remember that Red wing correctional facility, Minnesota pays equal attention to all its inmates and women inmates are also safe here just like the men, the men and women live in totally separate quarters and it is a safe correctional facility which makes Minnesota proud.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!