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Smith State Prison Information

The Smith State Prison is situated in the Glennville Tattanall County, Georgia. The correctional facility is under the jurisdiction of the Georgia Department of Corrections. This institution was first opened in the year 1993. The Smith State Prison is exclusively for adult male convicts.

Address: 9676 HWY 301 North Glennville, Georgia 30427

Phone No: 912-654-5000

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 726, 9676 Hwy 301, North Glennville, Georgia, 30427

Capacity: The maximum inmate capacity of the Smith State Prison in Georgia is around one thousand five hundred and thirty inmates.

Security Level: Closed

Smith State Prison
The Mission of the Smith State Prison

The mission is to ensure effective imprisonment of the convicted felons and the public safety of the surrounding community. This is to be fulfilled by providing an organized environment for the prisoners through different work and program channels. The Smith State Prisons houses offenders with behavioral problems that cannot be properly treated or cared for in other correctional facilities of the state of Georgia. The Smith State Prison houses the Correctional Industries Warehouse along with the Correctional Industries Plant. It also offers facilities like Long Unit, Women’s Probation, Smith Transitional Center, Detention Center, and hosts different levels of Step Down programs.

Smith State Prison Visitation Protocol

If you do not already know if the prisoner is in the Smith State Prison then you first need to visit the inmate locator website of the Georgia Department of Corrections. Once you are on their website, then you need to add details like the first name, last name, date of birth, last correctional facility housed at, and the booking id of the prisoner.

If you are confirmed that the inmate that you want to visit is in the Smith State Prison then you need to make an appointment to visit the inmate. You can do this by calling the prison office or by logging into their website. The inmates can have visitors every Saturday, Sunday and on all the state holidays. The timing is from 9 am to 3 pm. Remember you cannot directly go on demand to visit any inmate. The proper procedures need to be followed.

Smith State Prison Contact Information
Smith State Prison Work

The Smith State Prison management and the local community offer different work within the premises of the facility. The prisoners get a stipend in exchange for the hours they give to perform these labors. Although it is generally a very meager amount the prisoners can still use it but some things from the prison shop, or save it and use it when they complete their prison sentence.

Smith State Prison Programs

There are various kinds of educational, counseling, recreational, religious, and vocational programs offered by the Smith State Prison.

Academic Programs: The inmates are given classes to help get basic education, or high school degree. For some of the inmates whose native language is not English, there are special English Language classes. Some of the other education-related programs offered by the Smith State Prison include – General Education Diploma, General Education Diploma testing, Adult basic education from Level I to III, Literacy Remedial, and Associate Degree through Ashland University.

Counseling Programs: These programs are offered to the prisoners with the aim to fight personal issues that they are trying to overcome. These programs are also structured in a way that it helps the inmates of Smith State Prison to have a better quality life outside of the prison once they are released. These counseling programs can be considered as somewhat self-help programs. Some of the active counseling programs are: Family Violence, Domestic Violence, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholic Anonymous, Confronting Self, Sex Offender Psychological Education Program, Lifers Group, Active Parenting, Anger Management, Early Recovery Skills, Relapse Prevention, Individual, Thinking for a change, etc

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!