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South Carolina State Prison Information

The Correctional Facility in South Carolina was established in 1866. This was the first state level prison for felons who were originally housed in county jails. The facility was shrouded in corruption and abuse of the system and to put an end to the manipulation prevalent in the facility, the Governor of South Carolina ended the operations of the correctional system and created a new agency. The new agency was called the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC). Today the South Carolina Department of Corrections currently deploys 5700 employees and over 20,000 inmates with 21 institutions in operation.

South Carolina State Prison Institutions

The Department of Corrections in South Carolina has twenty-one institutions categorized into four levels. They are as follows

  • Level 1A: This is the community-based pre-release work centers.

This level houses nonviolent inmates who are usually within 36 months of release. This area of the penitentiary is usually unfenced with open bay wards.

  • Level 1B: This is a minimum-security level.

This level usually houses inmates with very little time left to serve. Similar to Level 1A this level also has unfenced open bay wards. However, there is a slightly higher level of security that the Level 1A.

South Carolina State Prison

  • Level 2: This is the medium security level.

Level 2 facility is a medium security area. Unlike Level 1 and Level 2, it is not an open bay. Housing is commonly cell type with double bunk beds in each cell. It has a single fenced perimeter and electronic surveillance.

  • Level 3: This is the high-security level.

Level 3 is designed for violent offenders serving longer sentences. The housing consists of single or double cells. The perimeters are double fenced with 24/7 electronic surveillance. These inmates are under high supervision and movement is highly restricted.

South Carolina State Prison Programs

  • Public Awareness and Crime Prevention: Being seasoned in crime and crime prevention, the South Carolina Department of Corrections recognizes the importance of public awareness for the same. And thus, the South Carolina Department of Corrections offers a public awareness program for schools, colleges, churches and civic bodies helping people understand crime and help in its prevention.
  • Operation Get Smart: The Operation gets Smart was a program that started in 1976 and has been running every year since. This program consists of a team of inmates speaking to students, youth and adults in different parts of the state about the vices of crime and the consequences of criminal behavior.

South Carolina State Prison
  • Operation Behind Bars: This is another program implemented in 1992. Adults and youth are invited to tour the prison facility and hear from inmates first-hand on the crime that led them to be eventually incarcerated. Inmates also talk about their day to day life in prison and the effects that imprisonment has on them mentally, emotionally and physically. There are about 14 prisons in different parts of South Carolina that runs the Operation Behind Bars Program.
  • Self-Paced In Class Education Program (SPICE): The Self-Paced In-Class Education Program is an education and employment initiative targeted at inmates and helping them acquire education in different subjects like vocational training, life skills training, spiritual awareness and career readiness training. SPICE is run in collaboration with a number of agencies like the SC Department of Corrections (SCDC), the SC Departments of Probations, Parole and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS), the SC Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and SC technical colleges. The participants of the SPICE program are involved in a combination of weekly training classes and vocational and educational training from technical colleges. Inmate participation in the curriculum which includes social life skills, health, and wellness education training is mandatory. Upon completion of the program and when the inmate has done his time and released, the SCDPPS agents get in touch with other agencies to help the offender get employment.

South Carolina State Prison Inmate Search

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) offers the online inmate search facility. The inmate search online displays photographs and general information on inmates that are currently doing time in the South Carolina Department of Corrections. This facility, however, does not include inmates incarcerated in county detention facilities or those under parole or probation.

You can also call the toll free innate information line 1-866-SCSVIN (1-866-727-2846)

South Carolina State Prison Contact Details

General Questions phone number: 803-895-8500

Emergency: 803-895-2258

Queries can also be mailed to

South Carolina State Prison Mugshots and Arrest Records

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 9, 2022
Sensitive Information!