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South Dakota Women's Prison Profile and Valuable Information

The South Dakota Women’s Prison falls under the South Dakota Department of Corrections. The South Dakota Department of Corrections is responsible for all prisons in its jurisdiction which includes the state adult prison system, the state adult parole system, and the state juvenile corrections system. The state juvenile correction system also includes juveniles placed in the out -of home placement as well as youth that have completed their correctional time and are on supervised release.

South Dakota Women's Prison Mission Statement:

The mission of the South Dakota Department of Corrections strives to protect citizens of South Dakota by providing secure jail facilities for all offenders in the custody of the department of corrections. The DOC also strives to deliver effective community supervision to offenders upon their release.

South Dakota Women's Prison

South Dakota Women's Prison Vision Statement:

The South Dakota Department of Corrections envisions to become a national leader in corrections by deploying practices that will make offenders responsible citizens on release into society

The South Dakota Women’s Prison:

The South Dakota Women’s Prison is a complex with facilities that house prison structures, state correction offices and law enforcement agencies of the state, county and city governments. The facility has a number of wings including the women’s prison, the central office of the state department of corrections, the Pierre police department, Hughes county sheriff’s office, etc. The women’s prison takes up most of the space on campus.

South Dakota Women's Prison Inmate Programs:

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP): The AVP is a volunteer organization in prison that strives to reduce interpersonal violence in the community. Since 2007 when it started, the AVP, with the help of facilitators have served over a thousand inmates

Eyeglass Repair: Eyeglasses donated through the Lions Club are cleaned by inmates. Later these glasses are measured with a lensmeter, prescription gauged and sorted. These glasses are then shipped to other countries and donated to people who need it.

The M2 and W2 Programs: The Man to Man or M2 program is a group of people called sponsors that befriend inmates and visit them at their hold outs regularly. These sponsors help inmates re-establish a sense of positivism in themselves and are instrumental in helping the inmate re-enter society on release.

The success of this M2 program prompted a similar program being created at the women’s prison called the Woman to Woman or W2 program. Sponsors of the W2 program must be 21 years old or above and be an ideal citizen with no prior criminal record. A local church affiliation would hold an added advantage. Once the South Dakota Department of Corrections approves the sponsor and an ideal match is made with an inmate, they are then paired.

Paroled Pups: The Department of Corrections began an innovative program in partnership with the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society to take care and train shelter dogs. Inmates are taught the ropes of training dogs. The dogs, in turn, receive attention, love and learn socialization skills. The training gives inmates an opportunity to teach, train, groom, and care for these shelter dogs. Once trained, these paroled pups as they are called will be adopted by someone in the community through Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

Pedal Power From the Pen Program: This program takes unclaimed bicycles that are left stranded on the street to prison and refurbished by inmates. Each year hundreds of such bikes are repaired, repainted and put back into service and later given to underprivileged kids in the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota Women's Prison history

South Dakota Women's Prison Contact Details:


The South Dakota Women’s Prison telephone number is (605) 773-6636

South Dakota Women's Prison Inmate Search

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!