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Southeastern Correctional Institution Profile and Valuable Information

This piece deals with the details of the Southeastern Correctional Institution, Ohio and the details related to this institution in the United States. This article further includes the history of the correctional institution. It includes the mailing address, mail, phone number, the visitation rules, visiting hours of the facility. One can locate an inmate in the facility with the help of the article.

This article also highlights the work of the facility and its role in the correction, improvement and providing a new direction to the inmates residing in the facility. The role of the officers of Southeastern correctional Institutions, Ohio is also praiseworthy.

Southeastern Correctional Institution


Southeastern Correctional Institution is located in Ohio, United States. Southeastern Correctional Institution history is praiseworthy in terms of the work carried out in this facility. This facility is well known among the people of Ohio, United States. This center is completely responsible for the care of the people in the facility for correctional purposes or those who have been arrested in order to provide them with the opportunities for correction.

The expanse of the facility is wide and provides high capacitation to those assigned to the facility. The facility provides a safe environment and promotes a constructive atmosphere for bringing a positive change in the lives of the inmates. Southeastern Correctional Institution prepares the inmates for a better life after their release in the mainstream society.

All the rehabilitation duties are well fulfilled by the officers in the correctional facility. The function of the transformation of the inmates is performed in the facility and is guided under the supervision of the trained authorities. They are provided with the training and programs to promote their interests and make them able citizens of the nation.

Details about Southeastern Correctional Institution:

Southeastern Correctional Institution phone number is (740)-653-4324

and (740)-753-1917, Southeastern Correctional Institution address for mailing Southeastern Correctional Complex, Lancaster Unit, B.I.S. Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130. The Southeastern Correctional Institution mail ( ) and visitation rules should be checked in order to visit an inmate in the facility. Southeastern Correctional Institution visiting hours are from 7:30 am-3:30 pm and on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

All the visits are arranged in the supervision of the authorities of the facility. The norms of the facility should be followed by both the inmates and the visitor during the visit. Strict actions are taken in case of any violation of norms. Southeastern Correctional Institution inmate programs include training the inmates in electrical work, farming, plumbing, agriculture, and other vocational training.

Southeastern Correctional Ohio
Other than this, a number of other vocational programs also run related to construction, religious programs in order to involve a maximum number of inmates. Various education programs also run in the facility to provide education and awareness to the inmates.

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Through a wide range of programs provided by the facility, help is provided to all the inmates without any partiality so that they can take a step towards a balanced life and see themselves as able citizens and strong links of the society. The facility also works through the best of their efforts to make the inmates independent and self- reliant.

Small activities for individual tasks and group tasks are organized by the facility in Ohio as a part of the training schedule of the inmates to make them successful in their further lives. All the functions namely deterrence, rehabilitation, retribution and incapacitation are well performed by the facility through their honest services.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!