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State Correctional Institution at Dallas Profile and Valuable Information
A Correctional Institution in Dallas (NOT Texas)

A Dallas prison

A state correctional institution, refreshing in its commitment to provide inmates with as much of a positive experience as possible during their confinement, is located in the State of Pennsylvania in America. It is called the State Correctional Institution at Dallas, Pennsylvania.

State Correctional Institution at Dallas History

The prison began its operations in 1960, in the month of January. At the time it opened, its goal was to give residence and care to male, mentally challenged adults, representative of the definition of such individuals as was going to be laid out in the Defective Delinquent Act of 1967. In 1968, the act was repealed, after it was disputed in the courts; the Supreme Court abolished it.

State Correctional Institution at Dallas

In that year, the State Correctional Institution, Dallas, turned into a detention facility for male adult detainees who had been served a sentence of two years or more than that. The prison falls under the jurisdiction of the State of Pennsylvania, Department of Corrections, and has an outer surrounding area of 1,307 acres; its inner perimeter is 26 acres.

It was designed by Clarence B. Litchfield in the characteristic style that was prevalent in the 1960s. Litchfield had designed many administrative buildings (including other prisons) and was known for his futuristic design ideas. Though Litchfield had vision, he was certain that he didn't want to compromise on convenience and comfort; this was primarily because the architect held the compassionate view that inmates were lacking so much while being incarcerated, if nothing else, the prison should be a somewhat appealing place (if that was even possible) in an offender's view.

There are 17 operational units within the outer perimeter of the facility. Residential units are made up of cells; there is also one dormitory. The facility lays a great deal of emphasis on rehabilitative care and treatment of offenders. Superintendent Kevin Ransom is of the view that reform can actually happen with a focus on the individual offender and goals toward his well-being and betterment. It is a maximum-security facility that houses more than 2,000 prisoners, though it was built to provide residence to a lower number. The average age of inmates is approximately 44 years.

State Correctional Institution at Dallas Inmate Programs and facilities

Several prisoners have been sentenced to life without parole; this is why authorities feel it is imperative to make available good in-prison programs. Officials feel that prisoners need a purpose, even if they are facing life sentences. Among its special featured programs/units, are therapeutic programs, special needs/care units, a veteran's special unit, etc.

Other effective, and necessary programs include educational basics and GED courses (these may be individualized lesson plans to suit specific needs), vocational instructional programs such as construction trades, barber courses, welding instruction, business courses, horticulture, accounting, etc. Additionally, there are re-integration programs, family relationship facilitation programs, and sex-offender therapy programs.

State Correctional Institution at Dallas Pennsylvania

There is also special substance abuse and alcohol abuse unit for treatment, as well as more facilities with treatment and wellness goals. There are a number of mental health therapeutic programs too. Apart from all this, the State Correctional Institution, Dallas, has industries in which approximately 85 inmates work to manufacture mattresses for all of the Department of Corrections' Pennsylvania and state-run hospitals. There is also an industrial unit that makes T-shirts, pajamas, sweatshirts, and robes for prisons and hospitals.

Some useful information about the State Correctional Institution at Dallas

The following is useful information about the facility:

  • Address: 1,000 Follies Road, Dallas, PA 18612-0286, United States
  • Mailing address: This is the same as above, but be sure to include the inmate name and ID number.
  • Visitation: The institution has a virtual visiting concept, and visitors have to be pre-approved by the inmate. This is limited to visitors living in the vicinity of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. The Department of Corrections believes this is a more convenient way of visiting and eliminates many practical problems that arise due to physical visitation. One can find out more about this institution at or log on to to lookup an inmate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
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