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Sussex II State Prison Information

Sussex II State Prison is a Level IV Security Prison located in Sussex County in the State of Virginia. The prison was opened in 1999 and has identical facilities as the Sussex I State Prison.

Sussex II State Prison Contact Information


The physical address of Sussex II State Prison is:

24427 Musselwhite Drive,

Waverly, VA 23891

The main phone number of the prison is 804 834 2678

Sussex II State Prison Mailing Information

Letters to inmates of the prison can be sent in the following format to:

Inmate Name, ID number,

Sussex II State Prison,

24427 Musselwhite Drive,

Waverly, VA 23891

Sussex II State Prison

Sussex II State Prison Number of Inmates

The Sussex II State Prison has a capacity to accommodate 1,352 inmates. At present, the prison is under capacity. As of July 2019, there were 1,130 inmates in the prison.

The prison mainly has inmates who are serving a life sentence or who are difficult to manage due to behavioral issues. Any inmate of this prison needs to exhibit good behavioral patterns for a minimum of two prisons before they can be considered for transfer to any other facility in the state. The prison has four guard towers, multiple fences and a razor-wire perimeter fence with electronic security systems.

Sussex II State Prison Visitation Hours

Visitation to the prison to meet inmates is allowed on all Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. The visitation timings vary and the prison should be contacted to confirm the visiting hours.

Online appointment system to visit inmates is available on the website of the Virginia Department of Corrections. This can be used to make an appointment to meet an inmate at any of the prisons in the state. The form at must be filled in to get an online appointment.

Information about the Management

The Sussex II State Prison is one of the facilities managed by the Virginia Department of Corrections. The department is headed by Director Harold W. Clarke.

The prison’s daily operations are managed by the prison warden. Beth Cabell is the present Warden of the prison.

Institution Programs Offered in the Prison

Sussex II prison offers 125 academic as well as non-academic programs for all inmates.

Sussex II State Prison

Sussex II State Prison Academic Programs

The Academic Programs offered at the prison include:

  • Adult Basic Diploma
  • Building Opportunities for Knowledge
  • High School Equivalence
  • Special Education

Sussex II State Prison Other Programs

The prison has a host of Job Training and Cognition Training Programs for inmates. The Job Training Programs are conducted in areas like automotive technology, barbering, carpentry, cabinet making, cosmetology, computer literacy, electricity, floor covering, masonry, motorcycle repair, plumbing, roofing, and welding.

The Cognition Training Programs at the prison are conducted on a wide range of topics that would benefit the inmate after release. The topics include:

  • Substance Abuse Program
  • Building strong relationships
  • Parenting
  • Re-entry training
  • Secure Diversionary Treatment Programs

How to Find an Inmate in Sussex II State Prison?

The Virginia Department of Corrections has an offender locator option on its website that can be used to find offenders in any prison in the state. is the webpage to access this facility.

Offenders can be searched by typing the complete last name and at least one letter of the first name. Optional information that can be used for searching includes Alias, location, age range, sex, and race. A list of names matching the search criteria would be displayed. To ensure an exact search, the seven-digit offender ID can be keyed in.

Only the name, alias, age, race, sex, offender ID, location, and release date of the inmates are displayed through this search.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!