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Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility Profile and Valuable Information

The Tallahatchie County Correctional Authority has sanctioned the opening of the Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility. Corrections Corporation of America, currently known as CoreCivic has been contracted to look after the operations of this facility. Falling under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, CoreCivic has been appointed to look after this facility on their behalf. It is a privately run penitentiary that houses adult male inmates and is located near Tutwiler, Mississippi.

The facility opened and housed a total of 352 prisoners at the very beginning. However, since then the inmate population of this prison has expanded almost nine times with the inmate population standing close to 2,672 as of 2008 October. The Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility has housed numerous inmates from the states of Colorado, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Vermont, California, and Wyoming, apart from the inmates they already housed from the states of Mississippi and Louisiana.

In the year 2010, this facility granted admission to over 1,000 inmates belonging to the state of California. State prisoners from Mississippi have not been held at the Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility since the year 2013.

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility Mississippi

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility History

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility’s history is directly related to the longstanding poverty that the rural community of Tutwiler had been facing for many years prior to the construction of this facility. To create more jobs for the general population of this town, the leaders of this town decided that they should allow the construction of the privately run penitentiary in the year 1998.

The construction of the facility is largely funded by various Christian organizations, as well as the Tallahatchie County and the State of Mississippi. The facility opened its gates in March 2000, and the CCA was contracted to oversee the operations and maintenance of this facility, a post they held until the year 2013. The opening population of this facility, as has been mentioned above, was 352, with 322 of the inmates belonging to the state of Wisconsin.

However, the early years of this facility were not as golden as they promised to be as Wisconsin took out all of their prisoners in 2001, leaving the prison with a skeletal population and thereby resulting in a massive layoff as so many employers were not required anymore. The facility had failed to fulfill the agenda it was built to serve. Fortunately, such situations did not last for long, as new prisoners started flooding in from surrounding counties and states, resulting in the re-hiring of many employees and an increase in overall jobs.

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility Location and Contact Details

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility’s address is listed as 415 US 49, MS 38963, Tutwiler, United States. This address also serves as the inmate mailing ID for the facility. However, you need to make sure that while mailing anything to an inmate inside this facility you abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the penitentiary and that the ID and name of the inmate are mentioned clearly to avoid confusion. You can alternatively use the phone number of the facility to contact them as well. Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility’s phone number is listed as 662-345-6567.

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility Inmate Programs

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility’s inmate programs are dedicated to providing the inmates with a chance to learn new skills, talents, and transition into a normal life with ease upon release. Some of the programs that the inmates can avail of inside the facility include vocational courses and educational courses ranging from literacy training, classes for GED and basic adult education. There are religious and recreational services as well that the inmates can participate in and if willing, they also have the option of receiving treatment for mental health issues and substance abuse.

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility Mail/Visitation Rules and Visiting Hours

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility’s mail and visitation rules are based on a pre-approved visitation system. You need to make an appointment beforehand and be cleared for the same to be eligible to visit an inmate inside this facility. The best way to learn precisely about Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility’s visiting hours is by contacting the facility via their phone number and obtaining the requisite information. You also need to be part of the pre-approved list of visitors submitted by the inmate, to become eligible for visitation.

Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility

Keeping in touch

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!