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Two Rivers Detention Facility Profile and Valuable Information

Two Rivers Detention Facility History

Formerly called the Two Rivers Regional Detention Facility, the prison facility is now referred to as the Rocky Mountain Regional Detention Facility. Although it is operated by the government, the facility is privately owned and situated in Hardin, in the state of Montana. The proposal to build this prison facility was brought in the year 2004 while it was completed in 2007. The correctional facility housed inmates for the first time in 2014 and was considerably under capacity till the time it was shut down in the year 2016.

A lease agreement was concluded by Two Rivers Authority in December 2018. Thereafter, the BIA took over and started operations in the month of April 2019.

Two Rivers Detention Facility

Thus, after closing operations for a few years, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is now managing the operation of this correctional facility. When the construction of this prison facility got over in the month of September 2007, it catered to the housing of those inmates who required minimum security and had a total capacity of 464.

The prison facility was constructed with 27.4 million USD using revenue bonds yielding high interests and issued by the newly formed industrial development corporation of the city called the TRA or Two Rivers Port Authority. Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc. and Municipal Markets, the two bond brokers sold the property. The deal triggered the hopes of generating more than 100 jobs, as well as, boosting this small town’s economy.

Two Rivers Detention Facility phone number

Following are the two major contact numbers for Two Rivers Detention Facility:

  1. 406-665-1999
  2. 408-529-0113 (Mobile number)

Two Rivers Detention Facility address

Two Rivers Detention Facility,

1015, N. Lessard Avenue,

Hardin, Montana-590342500

Two Rivers Detention Facility inmate programs

The facility trains its inmates with necessary job-related skills so that they can get employment at the Hardin community so that they can mingle with the main-stream seamlessly after getting released.

Two Rivers Detention Facility mail and visitation rules

Only approved visitors can come and meet their loved ones at this correctional facility. All approved visitors should register their details in an Inmate Visitation System before they schedule their appointment for visitations. While walk-in visits are not strictly prohibited, they are allowed only if slots are available.

Visitors should make sure that they confirm whether their names are included in the approved visitation list of their inmates before visiting the correctional facility. The simplest way to know this is to get in touch with the authorities at the correctional facility and querying whether their visitation has been approved or not. Also, a visitor should not have committed a felony and his/her ID card should be updated. All minor visitors have to come to the correctional facility with their legal guardian(s) or parents.

Also, the families of the inmates should follow the dress code mentioned for this correctional facility. Else, they may not be allowed to visit their inmates. They should also carry a valid photo ID with them, issued by the government.

It is always advisable that the visitors schedule their visit 24 hours before so that they do not have to face any kind of trouble when they visit their inmates. They should reach the facility 1t least 15 minutes before their scheduled time and display their ID cards while entering.

Two Rivers Detention Facility Montana

Two Rivers Detention Facility inmate search

Use the link to find out a particular prisoner at Two Rivers Detention Facility, Montana. An online form appears where you have to enter the inmate’s first name and last name. Also, choose the state name as Montana from the list of state names displayed at the drop-down box to start your lookup.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!