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 Washington State Prison Information

The Washington State Prison is located in Davisboro, Georgia and is a part of the Georgia Department if Corrections. It is a medium security prison that primarily houses inmates who have been convicted of a felony. The correctional facility has two primary housing facilities as well as an annex.

The main housing facility comprises of eleven dormitories that contain cells that can hold either two or three people. The facility also has a segregation housing facility that is used to house prisoners who are difficult to deal with or have security and safety issues. The segregation facility can house up to 92 inmates in either one person or two people cells. Finally, the facility has an annex that comprises of 200 beds for inmates in the form of four groups of fifty beds.

In addition to this, the Washington State Prison also houses a C.E.R.T. unit as well as a tactical squad.

Washington State Prison Number of Inmates

The Washington State Prison can house up to 1548 prisoners. As of June 2018, the total number of inmates in this facility was 1482.

 Washington State Prison
Washington State Prison Address

The address is 'Washington State Prison, 13262 Highway 24 East, Davisboro, GA 31018'.

Washington State Prison Mailing Address

This facility has two mailing addresses, they include:

  • Washington State Prison, P.O. Box 206, Davisboro, GA 31018
  • Washington State Prison Annex, P.O. Box 128, Davisboro, GA 31018

Washington State Prison Visiting Hours:

The visiting hours at this facility are only applicable on Saturdays, Sundays as well as State and National holidays. The visiting time remains the same across all these days and is from 9 am to 3 pm.


(478) 348-3025/5613


(478) 348-5814

Warden Information:

Jermaine White became the warden at the Washington State Prison on July 1st 2018. Prior to his appointment as warden, he was the Superintendent at the Albany Transitional Center.

Management Information:

The Commissioner at the Georgia Department of Corrections is Gregory C. Dozier and the Director of Public Affairs for the same is Joan Health.

 Washington State Prison

Institutional Programs:

The Washington State Prison employs various in-house programs designed to equip inmates with the necessary vocational and life skills that are required to lead holistic lives. There are two main kinds of institutional programs at the facility, these include:

  • Recreational Programs: These are mainly designed to help inmates lead better lives within the facility and include the Trans mural Sports program as well as other general recreational facilities.
  • Vocational Training: These include courses and programs that can help inmates obtain important work skills that can enable them to obtain good careers after being discharged from the facility. These include computer training, customer service training, food service, custodial maintenance, general office clerk work, sanitation service training, warehouse wok, grounds maintenance, library related work, barbering and industrial GCI.

Academic Programs:

Inmates at the Washington State Prison are encouraged to pursue education and can even obtain diplomas during their time in the facility. The three main kinds of education programs include:

  • Obtaining a General Education Diploma (GED)
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Remedial courses that encourage literacy

Other Programs:

Aside from vocational training and academic programs, Washington State Prison also has facilities that include counseling for the inmates as well as religious centers that allow inmates to practice their religion peacefully.

Counseling forms an integral part of the rehabilitation process within the facility and covers a broad array of problems and issues. Inmates can utilize the counseling services to gain insight on motivation and change, moral recognition therapy, matrix early recovery therapy, matrix relapse prevention therapy, dysfunctional families, family violence and how to cope, a pre-release therapy program and the Sex Offender Psycho-Educational Program (SOPP).

The religious services at the facility include everything from Bible Study to Mass. There are provisions for people of different faiths to profess and practice their faith in peace.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!