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Willacy County State Jail Profile and Valuable Information

Located in Raymondville in the state of Texas, Willacy County State Jail is privately run by CCA - Corrections Corporation of America. The facility is situated on 100 acres and through the times, has been run by a number of various private correctional companies. It is a minimum to a medium-security facility with a capacity of housing around 1,069 male offenders with Transient, G1 or G2 status.

The Jail has been secured with a 13-foot high fence which has razor wire barriers. For additional security, there are a number of electronic surveillance systems in place. There are 8 general housing units in the facility. 4 of these are 54-beds individual units and the other 4 contain 2x24 bed dormitories. Besides, the facility also has a 30-bed special housing unit where those inmates that are facing transfer or disciplinary detention are housed.

Willacy County State Jail Texas History

Willacy County State Jail was opened in the year 1995.

Willacy County State Jail phone number

You can call Willacy County State Jail at the following number: (956)-689-4900

Willacy County State Jail

Willacy County State Jail address

For visiting Willacy County State Jail, the address of the facility is as follows:

Willacy County State Jail

1695 South Buffalo Drive

Raymondville, TX

Zip - 78580

Willacy County State Jail visiting hours

You can visit Willacy County State Jail on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 8 am to 5 pm. The duration of visits is two hours. However, if you arrive after 3 pm, you will not be able to stay up to the maximum time allowed, since the visits end sharply at 5, no matter what time you arrived. You should always check with the facility beforehand to make sure that you are allowed to visit the inmate. Offenders with G5 status are not allowed visits.

 Willacy County State Jail mail and visitation rules

Inmates can be visited only once each weekend. No more than 2 adult visitors are allowed; however, children under 18 are not counted in this number. The only things that visitors are allowed to bring to the facility include car keys, ID, and a transparent Ziploc bag containing quarters (max value $20) to make purchases from the vending machines.

You must not carry any prohibited items. Besides, you must be appropriately dressed.

If you are trying to mail an inmate housed in ​​​Willacy County State Jail, you can do that on the following address. However, you would need to precede the address with the inmate’s name and ID.

Inmate’s Name

ID number

​Willacy County State Jail

1695 South Buffalo Drive

Raymondville, TX

Zip- 8580

Willacy County State Jail Texas

Willacy County State Jail inmate programs

Inmates housed in Willacy County Jail have the opportunity to take advantage of educational classes including adult basic education, life skills courses, substance abuse education, and even earn a GED. The facility also provides vocational training in the plumbing & painting program. There are programs on parenting training, religious studies, etc available too.

Willacy County State Jail, Texas inmate locator

If you are looking for details of an inmate housed in Willacy County State Jail, you can do so easily with the help of inmate locator services.

The Texas Department of Corrections keeps and maintains a database of the offenders held in the state and Willacy County State Jail is one of them. You may want to check the GoLookUp inmate search directory ( to find the details of the inmate. The advanced database helps you access all the details you need like the release date of the inmate when he was jailed, what his conviction is etc. You will need the Inmate’s name and ID though.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!