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Yankton Trustee Unit Profile and Valuable Information

A satellite unit to Mike Durfee State Prison, Yankton Trustee Unit is a minimum-security facility for adult males housing around 281 inmates.

Yankton Trustee Unit History

The facility opened during the early 1970s. The aim was to provide support to the Human Services Center. The unit grew over time and now housed as many as 240 adult male inmates.

Yankton Trustee Unit phone number

Yankton Trustee Unit can be contacted at (605)-668-3355.

Yankton Trustee Unit Address

Yankton Trustee Unit

178 Mickelson Drive

Yankton, SD

Zip - 57078

Yankton Trustee Unit

Yankton Trustee Unit visiting hours

You can visit the inmates housed in Yankton Trustee Unit on Friday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), you can visit the facility from 1 pm to 3:30 pm.

Yankton Trustee Unit mail and visitation rules

Before you can visit an inmate in the facility, you need to fill out SD Inmate Visitors Application, mail it to the facility and wait for its approval. The facility will run a background check before approving or rejecting an application.

Visits to the facility are classified into two classes - Class I and Class II. While the Class I visits happen in the visiting room, where you can sit and talk with the inmate face to face, Class II visits are the non-contact visits and more often than not are conducted behind a glass partition.

Visitors can check-in up to 5 minutes before the visit start times as listed above.

If you’re not on the approved visitors' list of the inmate, you can still request a Special visit provided this is going to be a one-time visit only. You will be asked to fill out a Special Visit Request form which has to be approved by the warden.

You are allowed to bring $1 coins and bills in a clear Ziploc bag

If you have an infant visiting with you, you are allowed to bring some additional items including diapers, bottles for milk and wipes, etc.

Tobacco products, matches, lighters, mobiles, cameras, recording and music devices, pagers, and any electronic items are completely forbidden.

A handshake, hug, and a small kiss on cheeks are allowed and you can also hold hands.

For mailing a housed inmate at Yankton Trustee Unit, the details are:

Name of the Inmate

ID No.

​Yankton Trustee Unit

178 Mickelson Drive

Yankton, SD

Zip - 57078

Yankton Trustee Unit South Dakota

Yankton Trustee Unit inmate programs

Inmates housed at the Yankton Trustee Unit are given the opportunity to take part in community service projects and chosen inmates are also given the opportunity to participate in the work-release program. The program lets the inmates report to a service or job in the local community during the day and they have to report back to the facility in the evening or when their shift ends. The opportunity gives an inmate a sense of higher responsibility as well as the financial foundation for his release.

The inmates can get themselves GED certified, receive alcohol & substance abuse treatment, as well as take part in a number of recreational activities. In addition, the facility provides all housed inmates medical and dental treatment during their imprisonment. Worship and religious services are offered to the offenders through the Chaplain's office. The Yankton Trustee Unit is also a participant in the Long Distance Parenting Program which aims to provide opportunities for offenders to have more involvement in the life of their children while they are in prison.

Yankton Trustee Unit inmate locator

For locating the details of an inmate, you can take the help of the inmate locator services like the GoLookUp inmate search directory ( You will need the inmate’s name to carry out the search and receive details related to the individual.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!