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Allentown Pennsylvania Population information, Arrest Statistics, and History

The city of Allentown is situated in the Leigh Count of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. It is the state’s third most populated city and 231st in the USA.

The city was originally named as Northampton town by the former Chief Justice William Allen who was also the founder of the city. He was responsible for drawing up plans for the development of the city which was a rural village back in 1762. Even though the town was named Northamptontown by its founder, most people would refer to it as Allen's town taking after William Allen.

The former Chief Justice had a vision for the city to turn into a commercial hub as its location was an advantage. But because of the low water level in the along the Leigh River, the commercial exchange was almost impossible.

Allentown Public Records

The legacy was passed on to William Allen's son who then built the Trout Hall to acknowledge his father. Even though Allentown fell under the radar of a rural village the development of growing commercial market kept escalating mostly for the local farmers. The pieces started to fall into place when in the 1810 census of the USA, declared Allentown as the largest regional producer of grains in the entire country.

The city named officially changed to Allentown in 1838. But the city witnessed major change between the 30s and 40s which was the time American industrial revolution was kicking off originating from the Leigh Valley. Allentown played a major role in this concern as it was host to the opening up of the railroad and the Leigh Canal.

Although the city was becoming a strong hub for the iron industry, it saw major set-back from the effect of the Civil war that was taking place in the country during the 60s and 70s. The city started filling up with migrants from Germany and Ireland along Leigh's banks.

 Although the city recovered from the post-civil war repercussions in the following era but its manufacturing roots were far gone. It started transitioning towards a service economy and has been into this sector and growing ever since. 

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Allentown Pennsylvania Population

The population of Allentown as of 2017 is 121,283. The city, ever since its foundation, has witnessed growth in population in some ratio or the other. Except for twice in its history, once in 1980 and once in 2013, the city has not seen a dip in its population. In 1980, there was a decrease in the population from 6,113, and in 2013 it decreased from 13. The decrease in 2013 is almost negligible. But other than this, the population growth has not stopped in Allentown.

Allentown Pennsylvania Crime rate

Allentown is not considered to be a safe city to live in. The crime rate overall of the city is 16% higher than the national average of the United States of America. The crimes per 100,000 residents have been accounted to be 8.75 on a daily basis, but it is still considered to be 23% safer than other cities in the USA. In the city of Erie, the probability of becoming a victim of a crime, whether it is a violent crime or property crime, is 1 in 32.

Allentown Pennsylvania Arrest rate

The crime rate of Allentown is higher than the national and state average of the USA and Pennsylvania, and so is the rate of crimes reported. Regarding violent crimes, for every 100,000 residents 16 murders, 70 rapes, 269 robberies, and 202 assaults are reported bringing to a total of 557 incidents. Then regarding property crimes, for every 100,000 residents only 634 burglaries, 2,362 thefts, and 306 vehicle thefts are reported bringing to a total of 3,302

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 17, 2021
Sensitive Information!