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Amarillo Texas Overview and Crime Statistics

Initially, Amarillo was called Oneida. In the state of Texas, USA, Amarillo is the 14th densely inhabited city. It also happens to be one of the largest cities in the area of Texas Panhandle and a part of the city extends to the Randall County.

The city is known for many tourist attractions but one of the most fascinating details about the city is that it has proclaimed itself as the Helium Capital. This is because the city has one of the most productive helium fields in the country. The city’s name also means Yellow Rose in Spanish which is why it is also called Yellow Rose of Texas. It also happens to be USA’s biggest operational meat-packing area.

The city is pretty fairly known for its tourist attractions. The wide open fields in the center of Texas Panhandle are ones to explore. The way to start is to visit the Palo Duran Canyon in Amarillo which also happens to be USA’s second largest Canyon. The city is also famous for adventure activities like zip lining, horseback riding, biking, camping hiking and just exploring the beauty of the state.

Amarillo Public Records

Then for the famous cowboy experience, there is a museum called American Quarter Horse Association which is a popular visit site. Then the legendary Route 66 also passes through the city. The city has plenty to offer. The authentic Texan food chains have a good grip on the renowned steaks.

It is not just sports and museums but the city also admires and appreciates art and music. There is Amarillo Civic Center for performing arts where people can go for orchestral symphonies, ballets, and theatre. Apart from these, there are other local shows also that are showcased in the Amarillo Civic Center.
Amarillo Texas Crime Rate Statistics

Amarillo used to be considered as one of the safe cities. But off late it has become one of the dangerous cities to lie in. The crime rate in Amarillo is substantially higher than the entire state of Texas. Its crime Index ratio states that it is safer than only 4% other cities in the USA. The crime rate goes as high as 54.69 which includes both violent and property crime in the city. The crime rate in Amarillo is at 7.08 per 1000 residents whereas in the entire state of Texas the rate is at 4.34 per 1000 residents. This difference is very high proving that the city has a very high crime rate.

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Amarillo Texas Arrest records

Considering how high crime rate in Amarillo is, the arrest record is not very high. Out of the violent crimes that place in total, only 11 murders, 162 rapes, 260 robberies, and 981 assaults have been reported. And out of the property crimes that take place in total, only 1797 burglaries, 6785 thefts and 920 motor vehicle thefts are reported which is slightly better than the violent crime rate in Amarillo. These numbers do not match up to the criminal records of Amarillo which is very high.

Amarillo Texas Population

The population estimate of the city of Amarillo as per 2017 is 199,826. The estimated population of the Amarillo metropolitan area in 4 counties was projected to be 276,020 in 2017.  In 2020, the metro population in the area is being projected to cross 310,000.

Amarillo Texas Minimum Wage

The minimum wage criterion in Amarillo is not centrally applicable but what has been devised at the state level. However, the minimum wage standard is $7.2 per hour which is equivalent to the federal standard of the minimum wage. It is applicable to all employees’ only exceptions being student workers and tipped employees among others.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
Sensitive Information!