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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in ArizonaUnder the Arizona Bankruptcy Act 2005, your overall income & expenses are analyzed to determine whether you are eligible to submit Chapter 7 or if you need to submit Chapter 13. To apply for a funding test, the court calculates your average income for six months before filing and compares it with income on average in Arizona.
If your income is below average, you can choose Chapter 7. If your income exceeds the average, the rest of the average test is used to determine whether you can submit Chapter 7 or if you have to submit Chapter 13 in Arizona. The Bankruptcy Act of 2005 needs all the individual debtors filing for bankruptcy on or after 17th October 2005 must go through credit counseling before six months of the request for bankruptcy compensation and must submit bankruptcy instructions.

Arizona Bankruptcy Records
How to get Bankruptcy Records in Arizona

A simple web search can show many websites where bankruptcy documents can be viewed. Detailed bankruptcy records in Arizona will be available in a system called PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). All legal processes are sent to the PACER system so that the public can quickly and easily view records from there. After you are registered with PACER, you can log in and view bankruptcy documents if necessary.

You need to click on the "Find Cases" tab in the upper right corner of the page. You will find a list of federal courts with a clickable link option. This will be listed in alphabetical order for the public to search for the respective courts in the state. To view Arizona Bankruptcy records, scroll down and select Arizona. This will direct the page to the Arizona ECF. After the welcome page opens, select Request at the top of the page to start your search. Sometimes documents can be misspelled.
Therefore, try to provide as many details as possible (social security numbers, fists, and surnames) to get the right results. If more number of cases have been submitted, the website will show you more than one result, or you will be taken directly to a documented record if only one case has been submitted. If you don't find someone's name in the search results, no cases of bankruptcy are filed in the city.

PCL: Pacer Case Locator

PACER Case Locator (PCL) is the national index for bankruptcy, district courts, and appeals. PCL acts as a PACER search tool, and you can conduct a national search to determine if a person is involved in a federal dispute or not. Subgroups of data are collected by the court every night and sent to PCL. You can also get someone's bankruptcy records in Arizona by sending a letter of application to the local court.
 Bankruptcy Records ArizonaPCL feature

Use it as a convenience store to search for all records (bankruptcy, district, appellate) for cases. Save the link to the preferred case with the "Saved Case" function. Save your regular searches with the "Saved Search" function. Simple search customization to include advanced search features such as date range and region.

PACER currency and fee to get bankruptcy records in Arizona

Access to bankruptcy records in Arizona costs USD 0.10/ page. The price for accessing a single document is limited to USD 3.00, which is 30 pages. The upper limit does not apply for a name search, case-specific reports or copies of federal lawsuits.

Costs will be incurred according to test conference guidelines if usage is 30 or less per quarter.

Newly record cases usually reflect in the system within a day. On the court Information page, you will find data currently available on PCL. The latest data can be obtained directly from the court.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!