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Government Records Arizona: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Arizona?

Arizona, too, like all the other states of the United States of America, has made government records accessible through certain websites for its residents. A few of those websites have been listed below, with a brief summary of its contents. All the listed links are created and run by the state and/or federal government of the country, hence, one could realize that these sites are ideal to go to, for obtaining any kind of government records.

List of websites:

  • Arizona State Archives - https://ncptt.nps.gov/rt66archive/arizona-state-archives-arizona-state-library-archives-and-public-records-history-and-archives-division/
  • Arizona Citizen's Aide - https://www.azoca.gov/open-meeting-and-public-records-law/overview/
  • Arizona Department of Health Services - https://www.azdhs.gov/licensing/vital-records/index.php
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety - https://www.azdps.gov/services/public/records
  • Arizona's State of Secretary's Website - https://azsos.gov/public-information
  • Arizona's Judicial Branch - https://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess/caselookup.aspx
  • Arizona State Records - https://arizona.staterecords.org/

Arizona Government Records
Summary of the Contents of Each Site:

  • Arizona State Archives:

While one could go directly visit the place with the address given, a brief description of their library is mentioned in the site. This states that the place, also called the State Library, Archives, Public Records, History and Archives Division, has a permanent collection of the state's territory and local government records as well as other historical records as suggested by the respective legislature. Thus, it acts as public access for any government records as well as research and information projects, thereby ensuring that Arizona's history is documented, preserved, and accessible to any residents of the state. This is a link that is endorsed by most of the other pages mentioned below. Hence, it is the go-to site to request almost any government records of the state of Arizona.

  • Arizona's Citizen's Aide:

This would be an ideal site for any resident to access if he/she requires any understanding of the laws and legislation of the state's public records. It also contains information on how to request public records as well as any important resources related to public records.

  • Arizona's Department of Health Services:

As the tagline states aptly, "Health and Wellness for all Arizonans," this place is not just an ideal site to request any sort of vital records like birth certificates, death certificates, adoption certificate, or marriage and divorce certificates, but also for knowledge. One could request changes in their vital records, like the correction in the name, or request records from another state through this website. Users can learn about health screening and various other health-related topics or establish genealogy, as well. Thus, this site appears to be a one-stop for all vital record related needs.

  • Arizona Department of Public Safety:

This webpage is a link for the state troopers. Therefore, residents wanting any accident-related records or criminal records could access this page for a copy. Users could find records pertaining to criminal records like criminal history reviews, employer background checks, or national/local clearances, and other records documented by the state troopers or employees of the Department of Public Safety. The latter could be anything from a tape of the 911 recording of the incidents on the State Highways to reports and repair orders issued by the State Troopers, as well as any school bus drivers clearance certificates.

Government Records Arizona

  • Arizona's State of Secretary's Website:

This is the personal website of the Secretary of the State (SOS) which contains information on her public appearances and other SOS related documents that could be requested by the public for any important documentation purposes.

  • Arizona's Judicial Branch:

This page, created by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, is a link to search any Arizona related judicial case files. The site provides a blue hyperlink that connects the user to the E-portal in case he/she wishes to obtain any criminal or civil court case documents. Apart from these, the site also shows, through a link, the unavailable courts in the state.

  • Arizona State Records:

This is a privately funded site that has a database comprising of arrest warrants, criminal or inmate records, marriage or divorce certificates, bankruptcy documents, civil judgments and lawsuits, birth certificates, property records, and other court documents for public access.


While there may be many sites that have public access to the state's government records, the above-mentioned sites are validated and authentic as most of them are authorized by certain departments of the state government for public use. Hence, users can choose which site to access based on their needs.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!