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Belleville Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Located in St. Clair County, Illinois, Belleville is a city with more than 200 years of history. George Blair, the one who named this place chose Belleville, French for the beautiful city. It is well known for the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, Eckert’s Belleville Farm, and Braeutigam Orchards.  With several parks sprinkled throughout the city, Belleville is a great place to live in Illinois.

Belleville Illinois Crime Statistics

Out of all the cities in America, Belleville, Illinois, has high crime rates, taking even the largest and smallest localities into consideration. With a crime index of seven, the city is only safer than seven percent of the communities throughout the nation. The crime rate for every 1,000 residents is 46.48, which consists of 6.13 violent and 40.35 property crimes annually. The chance of becoming a victim to a violent crime in Belleville stands at 1 in 163. Going through the property crime figures, there is a 1 in 25 chance that one will become a victim.

Diving deeper into violent crimes statistics, there has been one murder, 30 rapes, 51 robberies, and 171 assaults in 2016. Similarly, there were 471 burglaries, 1,108 thefts, 80 auto thefts, and nine cases of arson in 2016.

Belleville Public Records

Due to the upward trend in crime statistics, the city expects crime to increase during 2018. Comparing the figures for Belleville’s violent crimes and property crimes tho Illinois, and the United States, it is clear that the city has higher numbers on average. 

The safest neighborhoods in Belleville are – Rentschler, Ogles/Imbs, Signal Hill, West Blvd/Carlyle Ave, and Birkner.

Belleville Illinois Arrest

According to the latest data from the city, there have been 1,345 cases of theft, 1,282 counts of assault, 416 arrests, 342 cases of vandalism, and 105 instances of burglary. It is clear that at least 85 registered sex offenders are living within the boundaries of Belleville. By comparing the ratio of residents to sex offenders, the figure stands at 501 to 1, which is higher than the values of St. Clair County and Illinois.


Belleville Illinois Population Information

The estimated population in Belleville stands at 41,649, making it the 38th largest city in the state. The population in the city is showing a negative annual growth rate of 0.47%. The median age in Belleville is 37.1 years, whereas it is 39.4 for females and 35.2 for males respectively. There are at least 89.8 males for every 100 females in the city.

Looking at the diversity, about 69.1% of the population consists of white, while 25.4% are African American or Black. 3.7% of the residents are from two or more races, while 1.1% of the inhabitants are Asian.

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82.9% of the citizens who own households in Belleville are married, while 46.9% are non-family. Under renters, only 17.1% of them are married, while 53.1% belong to the non-family category.

Looking at the 2016 data, the median income per household is $42,348. These numbers are lower than the figures for St. Clari County, Illinois, and the United States. The average salary for males and females are $63,575 and $53,885 respectively.

Compared to the figures in 2015, there was a 1.91% decline in the employment rate in 2016. 15.4% of the population is in administrative jobs, 9.1% are in sales, 8.5% work in management, 8.3% of inhabitants are in food and serving, and 5.2% are in production companies.

About 96.73% of the population is primarily English speakers, while 3.27% are fluent in other languages. 28.92% of the inhabitants are high school graduates, 12.47% completed associates degree, 15.44% are bachelors degree holders, and 7.64% finished their graduate degree.

The city has 4,102 veterans, out of which, 1,471 served in the First Gulf War, 1,195 in Vietnam, 921 in Second Gulf War, 247 in Korea, and 216 in World War II.


Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 24, 2019
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