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Bonita Springs Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Bonita Springs is a mid-sized city in the United States. It can be found as a part of Lee County in Florida and is located to the southwest. According to 2017 US Census report, it has a population of 56,088 people. The city has a total area of 41 square miles (106 km2) which spreads across Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Out of it, 35.3 square miles (91 km2) island, and 5.7 square miles (15 km2) (13.95%) is water.

Bonita Springs Florida Overview

The city is in the tropical climate zone. In January the mean temperature stays at 65 °F. Bonita Springs was hit badly by Hurricane Charley on August 13, 2004. Hurricane Wilma had hit Bonita Springs on October 24, 2005. Between September 9–10, 2017, Hurricane Irma also affected Bonita Springs along with rest of Florida. The city has over the years experienced significant flooding.

Bonita Springs Public Records

Bonita Springs is a beautiful city where due to the beaches and general surroundings, real estate prices are rising but they have not hit too high a mark yet due to the current economic condition. Bonita Springs market trends significantly point to a decrease of $22,500 (-8%) in median home sales in the past one year. The average price per square foot fell to $192, down from $198 last year.

The ethnic makeup of Bonita Springs comprises of 72.5% are white residents, 23.9% population is Hispanic, 1.48% are Asians and Blacks constitute 1.38%, and others are 0. 62%. The most common foreign languages spoken in Bonita Springs are Spanish, French, and German. Greek and other West Germanic speakers are found here along with French speakers.


It is estimated that the median household income is $58,415. Total of 18,111 employees is noted for Bonita Springs. The most common popular occupations amongst the people living in Bonita Springs, FL, are Service, Management, Business, Science, & Arts, and Sales & Office. The richest inhabitants by median earnings, are Professional, Scientific, Tech Services; Utilities; and Transportation & Warehousing. The most specialized professions taken up by the residents of Bonita Springs are jobs related to Arts, Entertainment, Recreation; Admin., Support, Waste Management Services; and Real Estate, Rental & Leasing. Bonita Springs economic inequality is estimated at 0.508 as per the Gini index. It is higher than the national average.

Bonita Springs Court Records

Bonita Springs Florida key crime statistics

The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation has estimated that Bonita Springs is safer than 61% of cities who have similar size. According to a report by FBI, in 2016, for every 100k people, there are about 234 violent crimes, however, for the state of Florida, it was 430, thus making most crimes originating in Bonita Springs. Violent crimes generally mean murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. For 100k people property crime occurs 1460 sometimes. Property crimes are more common in Bonita Springs than Violent crimes. But strict data on types of data are not widely available as they are skewed in number. Total crime risk index sets Bonita Springs at 85. Risk index for violent crimes is at 94, and Property crime risk index is at 88. According to this index 100 is the national average. So, 200 would be twice the national average, and 50 means half the national average.


The general crime rate in Bonita Springs is 40% lower than the national average, and there is a 1 in 60 chance of becoming a victim to any type of crime in Bonita Springs. It has seen a drop in the crime rate over the years by 9%. It is also estimated to be safer than 54% of cities in the United States.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on March 18, 2019
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