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Chandler Arizona: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

There’s a lot to like about Chandler, Arizona. The largest employers are Intel, Bank of America and the Chandler School District with them employing 10,300, 3,500 and 3,000 employees respectively. When you look at the data, it shows that Intel employs 6.5% of all the adults in Chandler.

Plenty of Celebrities hail from Chandler, Arizona including Shawn Michales, Channing Frye, and Ice T. There are a total of 19,197 businesses registered in Chandler, Arizona with women owning 31.7% of these businesses.

Chandler is home to a population of 250,828 people who live in 88,973 households. The median income is $72,695 which is well above the national average which sits at $59,039. All of the above suggests that Chandler is a great place to live in with great opportunities for business. But is it safe?

Chandler Public Records

Chandler Arizona Crime Statistics

Like the rest of the world, Chandler, Arizona has its fair share of problems related to criminal activity. However, the data shows that crime is going down all over the United States and Chandler, Arizona is no exception to this trend. It is important to remember that trends on a national level do not paint an accurate picture of local criminal activity.

In 2015, there were 490 reported violent crimes in Chandler. A closer look reveals that the most reported crime was aggravated assault with 296 instances reported. There were 114 cases of robbery reported, and 79 cases of rape reported. If you look at the entire state, there were 410.2 violent crimes per 100,000 people in Arizona.

In addition to violent crimes, Chandler also experienced its share of property crimes. The most reported property crime was larceny which was followed by burglary and vehicle thefts. In Arizona, the most common type of property crime was larceny with 4,367 cases reported. In addition to these major offenses, the city also experienced its share of lesser crimes.

Let us look at the data from 2006 and compare it to the data in 2015 to paint a picture of the crime rates in Chandler, Arizona.

The data from 2006 –

  • Murder – 9
  • Rape – 56
  • Aggravated Assault – 658
  • Robbery – 236
  • Burglary – 1401
  • Vehicle Thefts – 1171
  • Arson - 70

The data from 2015 –

  • Murder – 1
  • Rape – 79
  • Aggravated Assault – 296
  • Robbery – 114
  • Burglary – 770
  • Vehicle Thefts – 256
  • Arson – 45

It is disturbing to see that cases of rape have gone up; however, the law enforcement should be commended because cases of murder, aggravated assault, robbery burglary, vehicle theft, and arson have reduced significantly.

Chandler Court Records

Chandler Arizona Violent Crimes

If we draw a pie chart with the categories of murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery, aggravated assault takes the biggest slice of the pie and sits at 60.4% (296). The robbery comes in second at 23.3% (114). In third place, we have raped at 16.1% (79). The smallest sliver of the pie goes to murder which sits at 0.2% (1).

Chandler Arizona Property Crimes

Similar to violent crimes, let us draw a pie chart with the categories of burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Arson takes the smallest piece of the pie and sits at 0.8% (45). Hovering in third place, motor vehicle theft makes up 4.7% (256) of the pie chart. In the second, burglary sits at 14.2% (770). It is completely dwarfed by larceny which sits at 80.3% (4.367).

Don't let the numbers shock you. Chandler, Arizona is one of the safer areas to live in in the United States. As long as people exist, there will be a crime. However, you can experience a slice of safety and peace in Chandler, Arizona.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!