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Loitering Law Connecticut

Loitering laws come under great scrutiny as they tend to be broad and vague and can cover various circumstances. While there are several residents who complain about groups of youth loitering around their houses creating a nuisance, there is a thin line between what is acceptable and not acceptable. Especially in the case of homeless loitering laws, laws that have been passed to curb loitering are viewed as unconstitutional as they are seen as an attempt to get rid of the homeless.

Connecticut Loitering Law

There are no specific loitering laws Connecticut and there are no statutes that address loitering on its own. However, even though there are no loitering laws, there are several statutes in the state including breach of peace and disorderly conduct that can punish loitering. Loitering is considered to be a menace against the peaceful functioning of a state as it can be a nuisance to the citizens of the state. However, even though there aren’t specific loitering law Connecticut, the municipalities are responsible for regulating loitering.

Connecticut Loitering Law

The municipalities have the right to prohibit individuals from loitering on sidewalks, streets and public places. They also have the power to prohibit minors from loitering on the alleys, streets as well as various public places at night.

The city municipalities can also regulate loitering on private property and hold anyone who loiters on public property without the permission of the owner. Along with this, the municipalities in Connecticut are responsible for preventing trespassing on private as well as public land as well as buildings. These laws are in keeping with the US Supreme Court’s directions.

Although Connecticut does not have general loitering laws that are followed across the state, there is a law related to loitering on school grounds. In the Connecticut General Statutes, in section 53a-185, the state classifies loitering on school grounds as a class C misdemeanor.

According to this section, a person shall be considered guilty of loitering on school grounds if he or she remains or loiters on or about school grounds, buildings or premises without any legitimate reason. If a person who does not have any relationship, custody or responsibility of any pupil enrolled in the particular educational institute, or if he or she is not employed there and has no license or privilege to be on the school premises, he or she will be guilty of loitering.

As per the law, a misdemeanor is a less serious crime or a petty offense that is usually punishable by not more than a year of imprisonment. So the punishment for loitering in Connecticut on school premises is less than a year of imprisonment.

Laws in Connecticut Municipalities

In Connecticut, although there are no laws to prohibit loitering, there are several other laws that can be used to curb the issue of loitering. However, at the municipality level, there are certain loitering laws that are in play. The municipality of Stamford covers loitering in chapter 158 of their general code of ordinances.

Loitering Law Connecticut

As per the general provision on loitering, it is considered to be unlawful for a person or a group of people to wander on a street, sidewalk, curb, or public park in a way that interferes with or impedes the use of the street, sidewalk or park by other citizens.

There is also a provision for drug-related loitering where a person who has previously been charged for drug-related activities shall not be allowed to loiter in public places with the intention of buying, selling or using drugs. To decide whether or not the person can be charged, it is important to note if they have tried to stop a passerby or vehicle and engage them in conversation.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!