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Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information  

Today, the rate of crime has increased a great deal with more people of every age group resorting to petty methods to make a quick buck. Kids are initiated to do something to get ahead. Hardcore perps target people to widen their net with their slick and sick methodology using situations to their advantage.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why crime has grown over the past decade and did not seem to let up. Let us look at the statistics in Cuyahoga Falls, a city in Summit County Ohio. The earliest name coined for the location was Manchester, but given that there were many places in Ohio by the name, it was changed to Cuyahoga Falls. The city was initially an industrial hub but through the years has become quite a great residential hub.

Cuyahoga Falls Public Records

Cuyahoga Falls Ohio General Crime Statistics

Crime rates in Cuyahoga Falls are plenty. The daily crime index per 100,000 residents accounts to general crimes being rather high, property crimes a close second and violent crime at a relatively lower rate. The reported crime details per 100,000 residents are at 2,560. The reported number of murdered statistics is at 4.1 per 100,000 people, rape at 36.6 per 100,000 people, violent crime at 100 per 100,000, burglary at 291 per 100,000 people, robbery at 16.3 per 100,000 people, assault at 42.7% per 100,000 people, vehicle theft at 79.4 per 100,000 people, property crime at 2,460 per 100,000 people, rape at 36.6 per 100,000 people, theft at 2089.7 per 100,000 people  and the figures are on an upward spiral.

 The illustrations detailed accounts to a limited figure as compared to the overall percentage in the state of Ohio. However, per the index property crime rates are way higher taken at an average in the state of Ohio. Violent crime as compared to other parts of the country is at a lower figure based on the actual statistics and recorded arrests made by law enforcement.

Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Population Details

The average population recorded accounts for about 49,353, and as per the details available across the internet, Cuyahoga Falls is the 834th largest city in the US. The generic age falls into the 40 category where the overall percentile in Ohio is at 38-39 as the base. In Cuyahoga Falls people tend to get married earlier and one can state with some form of certainty that people above the age of 15 are married.

Cuyahoga Falls Court Records
The mode of communication and the language in the area is English with Spanish being a close second and other native languages joining the fray. In simple statistical form, 95% speak English with 1% speaking Spanish. Most people who live in Cuyahoga Falls were born in this county – the statistics account the amount to be 77%, 18% of the people livening in the area were from out of the state, 5% are born abroad. To put it in perspective.91.92% of the population in Cuyahoga Falls is Caucasian, 3.67% is African American, and 1.89% is Asian, American Indian .13%, mixed race 1.64%, Native Hawaiian .5% and other races at .68%.

To Put it in Perspective

As a whole, a small township is a place where people tend to get along and go about their regular work. Given the fact that the violent crime index is not as high as it is in other parts of the state and country, it Cuyahoga Falls is a good place for family life and to settle down. Nevertheless, when it comes to crime, be it online syndicates that take over or in real time, being careful is the need of the hour, across the board. The recorded indexes do not include online and internet related offenses.

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