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Deerfield Beach Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

A large medium-sized city, Deerfield Beach is situated in the American state of Florida. It has an approximate population of about 79,764 and is Florida’s 34th largest community. The coastal city has 17 constituent neighborhoods.

Deerfield Beach Florida City overview:

The city is not predominated by white-collar or blue-collar occupations. Rather, it can be safely said that its workforce is a mix of both white-collar, as well as, blue-collar jobs.  On a closer look, Deerfield Beach constitutes of professionals, office workers, sales workers, and service providers. You will come across a number of people residing in this city who are engaged in professions such as food service (9.37 percent), admin and office support (12.68 percent), and sales jobs (13.08 percent). 

It is interesting to note that the city has a higher number of professionals associated with math and computers in comparison to 95 percent of the other places in America.

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As far as the level of education is concerned, the citizens of Deerfield Beach are better placed as compared to the mean of all cities and towns in America. About 24.66 percent of the city’s adult population holds a minimum of a bachelor degree.

People of Deerfield Beach mostly use English as their preferred language to communicate. French and Spanish are the two other important languages used in Deerfield Beach for communication.


Deerfield Beach Florida Crime statistics:

Deerfield Beach has a crime index of 17, meaning that it is 17 percent safer in comparison to the cities in the United States of America.

Deerfield Beach's rate of crime is significantly more in comparison to the national mean for all American communities ranging from the tiniest to the biggest. However, with thirty-one crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, the city does not rank among the communities with the highest rate of crime. Your probability of succumbing to property or violent crime-related incident in the city is one in 32.  According to the crime data reported by FBI, the city cannot be considered as one of America's safest communities. In relation to Florida, the city's rate of crime is more than 69 percent of the towns and cities of different sizes in the state.

The crime analysis also revealed that the city’s violent crime rate is higher than a majority of American communities of varying population sizes. An individual’s possibility to suffer from any kind of violent crime in the city like murder, armed robbery, rape, aggravated assault is one in 285. The figure is equivalent to four per 1,000 residents.

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It has also been discovered through NeighborhoodScout's analysis that the property crime rate in the city is twenty-eight per 1,000 residents. The figure makes the city a place with an above mean possibility of succumbing to any property crime-related incident in comparison to all other American communities of varying population sizes. A person’s risk of becoming a sufferer to any kind of property crime in Deerfield Beach is 1 in thirty-six.

It is also imperative to know that the analysis found the city with one of the most severe motor vehicle robberies in America when the FBI crime data was studied at length. An individual’s possibility of getting their car robbed in Deerfield Beach is 1 in 359.

According to another analysis, the crime rate in the city is 2 percent less than the remaining parts of Florida on an average. In comparison to the country, Deerfield Beach's crime rate is 8 percent higher. The violent crime rate in the city is 20 percent less as compared to Florida's average crime rate and 11 percent less than the remaining places in the country. Likewise, the property crime rate in Deerfield Beach is one percent more than that of Florida, as well as, 11 percent more than the mean of the country.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 19, 2019
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