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Child Abuse Laws in Delaware: These are Child Abuse laws for the State of

Children are the future, and they need protection against all perpetrators. Each child requires a safe and happy upbringing. The state of Delaware upholds each child’s right to be not physically or mentally abused. Child abuse in any form in the state of Delaware is a criminal offense.

What is child abuse?
If a child is put through physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse by a guardian or a parent or any person in authority or is also an adult, it is also considered to be child abuse if a child is abandoned, mistreated, discriminated or tortured. There can be no comprehensive definition of abuse but to put in short, any harm caused to a child’s well-being can be considered as a form of abuse.

Who is there to report?
Any person who witnesses child abuse or has any information regarding child abuse must report it immediately to concerned authorities. The state of Delaware mandates physicians, psychologists, teachers, social workers, medical examiners, and law enforcement officers to report any case of abuse.  A mandatory reporter must not fail to report cases of child abuse that comes under their notice, failure to report such cases and even false reporting can get them punished by law. It is a common practice to report child abuse through an anonymous phone call. Any report of child abuse made is to be investigated as per the law of Delaware.

Delaware Child Abuse Laws

Steps were taken after reporting

Child protective services in Delaware are committed to protecting the rights of the minors, and they take any necessary step to secure the interest of a minor or a child. A full-fledged investigation is launched immediately once such a complaint is in place. Generally, within 48 hours of receipt of such complaints, the original person who had complained might be questioned to check if any more information can be obtained.

 The child can be taken away from the family where the abuse has happened. Most of the times such children are placed in foster care. Appropriate authorities are immediately notified to take action. The type of abuse must be determined. If the death of a child has happened, then to what degree of manslaughter it may come under is adjudged. If it is case related to human trafficking, then any relevant racket information is asked for. If the abuse has been carried out in an institution, then steps are taken to revise the licensing of the place. If a professional misconducts, their professional license may get taken away.  Efforts are made by the investigative team to make sure that the abused children are not faced with too many question or interrogation session.

Child welfare proceeding is taken up by the Family court after deciding the age of the child. A baby is one who is less than 14 days old. Till three years of age children will be considered toddlers.

Delaware Child Abuse Law

Punishment for Child Abuse
False reporting of a case of child abuse can lead the person who complained to be jailed for 15 days or fined up to $1000. On being convicted of a child abuse case, the criminal receives a suitable punishment. Generally, punishment depends on each nature of the crime committed. 

Any report of abuse is generally registered by an internal system at Delaware. Any future reiteration of child abuse case by the same perpetrators are dealt with severely. The state of Delaware encourages its residents to be aware and notify of any possible threats to children.

It is a shame that almost about 5 million children suffer from child abuse, even many lose their lives to it. Reporting child abuse is an important step forward. A person with any valuable information regarding child abuse should always come forward.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
Sensitive Information!