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Denton Texas Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Denton is a city in Texas that forms the county seat for Denton County.  It is estimated to be home to over 100,000 people and holds the rank for the 27th most populous city in Texas and the 200th most populous city in the United States. Also, it is ranked as the 12th most populous city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Denton County was formed in 1846, as the result of the Texas land grant. The city of Denton was incorporated ten years after that, in 1866. The city and the county got their name from John B. Denton, a Texas, militia captain.

Population growth was spurred by the establishment of a railroad line in 1881, the establishment of the University of North Texas in 1890, and the establishment of the Texas Woman’s University in 1901. Due to the establishment of these entities, Denton earned a good reputation compared to its neighbors.

Denton Public Records

The population growth here increased rapidly after 1974 when the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport got established. In 2011, Denton earned the rank of “7th fastest growing city”. There were more than a 100,000 people living in Denton even at that time.

Denton sits at the far northern end of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, which is in the north. Its geographical position has made it popular for many things. For starters, Denton enjoys a vibrant music culture.

The city holds events such as the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, the 35 Denton Music Festival, which attract around 300,000 people every year, from all over the country and the world.

Denton Texas Weather and Demographics

The weather in Denton can be described as being mainly hot and humid. There are very few extreme weather events that take place here.

The citizenry is diverse, represented by a non-partisan city council. Various state and county departments operate out of Denton.

There are two universities located within the city’s limits, with anywhere from 40,000 to 45,000 students between them. Denton is known as a college town. The universities have spurred the creation of several educational services here, and these services contribute heavily to the local economy.

Public transportation exists in the form of a bus and rail service, courtesy of the Denton County Transportation Authority.

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Denton Texas Crime Rate

According to Neighborhood Scout, Denton is 22% safer than most US cities. It has a crime index rating of 22 (100 is the highest).

The total number of crimes reported in the year 2016 was 3,596, out of which 362 were violent crimes, and 3,234 were property-related crimes. This brings the total crime rate to 26.87, with violent crimes at 2.71 and property crimes at 24.17.

There are about 1 in 370 chances that you’ll become the victim of a violent crime in Denton. When broken down, Denton reported five murders, 103 rapes, 75 robberies, and 179 cases of assault in 2016. The respective crime rates (per 1000 people) for these crimes stands at 0.04, 0.77, 0.56, and 1.34.

As for property crimes, there were 557 burglaries, 2,504 cases of theft, and 173 cases of motor vehicle theft. The respective crime rates (per 1000 people) for these crimes is 4.16, 18.71, and 1.29. There are about 1 in 41 chances that you’ll end up being the victim of a property crime in Denton.

When taking the population, which currently stands at 133,808 people, into consideration, Denton reported a significantly higher rate of rapes in 2016 – 0.77 as opposed to 0.40, which was the national rape rate for the same period. The theft rate in Denton was also higher – 18.71, as opposed to 17.45, which was the national theft rate for the same period.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!