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East St. Louis Illinois Overview, Population information, and Arrest Statistics, and History

East St. Louis is a mid-sized city in Illinois, USA that boasts a population of around 26,662 people. It is also home to 8 constituent neighborhoods and is categorized as the 81st largest community in the state. East St. Louis is also unique in that it isn’t dominated by a single type of occupation (blue collar or white collar). Instead, it enjoys an almost perfect mix of both.

The city is home to all sorts of professions. This includes sales professionals, transportation workers, office workers, shipping workers, and service providers. There are many people living here who occupy jobs in the office and administrative areas; around 14.55% to be specific.

Around 10.56% of the population is in sales, while 9.78% is in maintenance.

East St. Louis Illinois Transportation

Public transportation is heavily relied upon by residents in the city, especially the bus. In fact, when the size of the city is taken into consideration, it can be said that the number of people who use the bus service is fairly high. The bus service in the city plays a key role in meeting people's need for affordable transportation.

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East St. Louis Illinois Income

The per capita income in the city, according to statistics from 2010, was reported to be around $13,443. This is considered low when compared to the rest of the state and also, the country. This adds up to a yearly income of $53,772 for the average family.

Not surprisingly, East St. Louis is home to a high number of people living in poverty. In fact, 44.66% of the city’s residents are said to live under the federal poverty line.


East St. Louis Illinois Demographics

The residents of East St. Louis can be best described as diverse. People from different ethnic and racial backgrounds reside here. When broken down, African Americans account for a majority of the population. They are closely followed by Whites or Caucasians.

The dominant ancestries here tend to be German, Jamaican, Sudanese, and European. English is the commonly spoken language here, followed by Spanish and French.

As for education, only 9.85% of residents aged 25 or over hold a 4-year college degree or higher qualification.

East St. Louis Illinois Crime

The crime statistics for East St Louis have been sourced from various law enforcement agencies and reflect the official figures published in 2017. It is also based on the current population figure, which stands at 26,662.

To begin with, the total crime rate here stands at 1331, of which 741 were violent crimes and 590 were property crimes. This effectively puts the respective crime rate at 49.92, 27.79, and 22.13.

East St. Louis Court Records
When broken down, the city reported 30 murders, 43 rapes, 97 robberies, and 571 assaults, bringing the respective crime rate for each category to 1.13, 1.61, 3.64, and 21.42. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in East St. Louis is 1 in 36.

As for property crimes, the city reported around 173 cases of burglary, 273 cases of theft, and 144 cases of motor vehicle theft. This brings the respective crime rate to 6.49, 10.24, and 5.40. The chances of you becoming a victim of property crime in East St. Louis stands at 1 in 45.

It is believed that the high level of poverty may have something to do with the increased crime rates in the city. The city holds a rating of 5 with regards to safety. The highest rating for safety is 100, which means East St. Louis is one of the most unsafe cities to live in. 

The crime rates in East St. Louis are higher than the figures reported for the entire country.

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