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Elmhurst Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Elmhurst is a city that is situated at the overlap of the DuPage and Cook County in Illinois. It is a part of the western suburb of Chicago and has a population of around 46,670. The first known settlers in the region were members of the Potawatomi Native American who established their settlement along the Salt Creek.

In 1836 the first European immigrants settled in the same region along the creek which would later become the Elmhurst City Center. In the year 1845, the region was named Cottage Hill when the first post office was established. Four years later the first railroads were laid down by the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad. The community was renamed to Elmhurst in 1869.

The Elmhurst College was started in 1871, and it currently has 3,500 undergraduates and around 300 graduate students. It is a four-year private liberal arts college that is tied with the United Church of Christ. Elmhurst was officially incorporated as a village in the year 1882 when the population was somewhere between 723 and 1,050.

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The Elmhurst Memorial Parade happens in the village which was initiated in 1918. The annual Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the third largest parade in the Chicago area and city has many kinds of similar parades happening at the South Side. The Keebler Company had its headquarters at Elmhurst until 2001, before it was taken over Kellogg Company.

The city also happens to be the headquarters of Sunshine Biscuits, McMaster-Carr Supply Co, and the Famous Amos cookies. In 2014 the Family Circle magazine ranked Elmhurst as one of the top ten best U.S Towns for Families. The established Theatre Historical Society of America is aimed at preserving dance, opera, and movie theaters and also houses a collection of theater artifacts that are no longer in use.


Elmhurst Illinois Crime

The overall crime rate of Elmhurst stands at 13 per 1000 residents which makes it close to the average of all the cities and towns in the United States. According to the reports by the FBI, the chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Elmhurst stand at 1 in 79. When compared with other regions of Illinois, Elmhurst’s crime rate is lower than 45% of other areas in the state.

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When areas of similar sizes and population are taken into consideration, Elmhurst’s crime rate is significantly lower than the average. Elmhurst thus is safer compared to most cities in America of that size. When taking violent and property crimes into consideration, they are very much below the national average across all population size. As of 2019, there are around 11 registered sex offenders living in the region which makes the ratio of offenders to citizens at somewhere around 1 to 4,153. The rate is significantly lower than the state average.

Various kinds of violent crimes such as murder, rape, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and vehicle theft happen much less in Elmhurst when compared with the rest of the country. Here, there is only a 1 in a 1372 chance of becoming a victim to a violent crime, which means that the crime rate for violent crime stands at 1 per 1000 inhabitants. Additionally, the rate of crimes such as burglary, larceny, grand theft auto, and arson is around 12 per 1000 residents. This is close to the national average for all kinds of cities in the United States.

Elmhurst is one of the safest regions in the country with dwindling rates of crime. Its suburbs are a perfect place for raising a family. The place not only is a growing community but has lots of opportunities for arts and culture.  



Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
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