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Gainesville Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Considered to be the largest city in Florida, Gainsville has a population that spans over 132,246 as of the year 2017 and is growing in its popularity. The city often referred to as G-ville, Titletown, Gainesvegas because it plays host to football as it is one of the sports loved by most people. Home to the fifth largest university campus – the University of Florida has students flocking to this most upbeat university to secure their educational qualifications.

Known for its recreational drug culture, weed is often sported by many here. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why many flocks to this winsome city. In the mid-’90s, a series of Hemp festivals were organized and were a buzz. The popular town is also known for its many music festivals like Santa Jam that helps the homeless, sick and injured. Started in 2011 the festival helps kids in hospitals with toys, the needy are taken care, churches feel the love, of and so on and so forth.

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Unfortunately, the crime rate in this most populous state has been growing rapidly over the years. Violent crimes like murder, robbery, aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon, rapes are quite commonplace and are on the rise. Being a victim – the average is one in 150, which is staggering and quite scary. Property crimes have also increased over the years. From the data specified one could expect a break-in at an average of one in 25 with burglary and larceny as the chief crimes as per the statistics available the crime rate of 47 per thousand is well known as Gainesville has the highest crime rates across communities. In addition to property and violent crimes, motor theft and arson is gaining ground. The stats indicate that the chance of a car being stolen is one in 338 – which is huge.


The number of murders as recorded in July 2018 seems to be on the up and up with arrests being recorded by the Gainesville Police department. The criminal intelligence data analysis a has the power to enforce methods as per the requirements by the police department to be the best way to deal with the problem. With juvenile crime also taking center stage, trying to get illegal weapons off the streets and ensuring that arrests are in order is the focus. This was an observation detailed in The Sun based on the words by the GPD chief.

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Violence is becoming rampant. The age of the offenders seems to be much younger than one would imagine. Since they are armed and dangerous, leaders are doing their damnedest to ensure transparency to deal with issues of crime and violence. One can put it down to limited sources of income. In addition to this, gang affiliations have become rather routine in the city of Gainesville. Crimes are not homegrown anymore as the reach is outside the periphery of the region. The Police Chief has indicated that the problem can be nipped if people are vigilant. Locking of doors, for instance, can curb the spate of violence relative to burglary, murder, rapes and other means of serious offenses.

Since the population of this city is growing and the crime rates too, when guns are stolen and locating stolen merchandise is more or less an impossibility, it is a serious cause for concern for the police and the state at the whole. Aside from this problem that has everyone in a frenzy, the city is a place that has some of the best amenities, and the people are pretty friendly. Also, the rates of arrests are also improving.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2019
Sensitive Information!