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Galesburg Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Galesburg is a city located in Knox County, Illinois, and is also the county seat. It is the main city of the Galesburg Metropolitan Area, which includes both Warren and Knox counties. Perhaps, the city is most popularly known for being the location of Knox College, a private liberal arts college that has more than a thousand students. Galesburg is also home to Sandburg College, a community college that many residents attend.

It is also to be noted that a 496-acre section of Galesburg is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, where it is registered as Galesburg Historic District. Indeed, Galesburg has a rich history. It was here that the first anti-slavery society in the state of Illinois was founded in the year 1837. It was also a stop on the Underground Railroad.

The famous Mary Ann “Mother” Bickerdyke, known for providing care to wounded Union soldiers during the American Civil War, was also from Galesburg. Moreover, it was in Galesburg that the fifth debate between Lincoln and Douglas took place on October 7, 1858, on a platform which was attached to the Old Main building of Knox College. To this day, the Old Main building is used by Knox College.

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Galesburg has a pleasant climate most of the year. During summer, the highest temperature is usually about 84 degrees, while during winter, the lowest is usually 15 degrees. The city receives 38 inches of rain on average annually, with 23 inches of snow.


Galesburg Illinois Population, employment, and earnings

As of 2014, Galesburg has a population of 31,659 people. It has a good male to female ratio. According to recent data, 48.3 percent of the population is female, while 51.7 percent is male.

Galesburg mainly constitutes a white population. As much as 75.3 percent of the population is white alone, while 13.0 percent of the population is African-American. Hispanics come in third, constituting about 7.7 percent of the total population. Asians make up just 1.7 percent of the population. 

The median age of the population at Galesburg is 40.1 years, which is higher than the Illinois median age of 37.9 years. As much as 35.4 percent of the population are currently married, while 38.2 percent have never been married. The estimated median household income as of 2016 was $34,602 while per capita income was estimated at $21,254.

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A huge portion of the population, 85.5 percent to be specific, has a high school degree or a higher level of education. 17.0 percent of Galesburg’s population has a college education or higher, while 7.3 percent have a graduate or professional degree. The unemployment rate stands at 7.7 percent as of now.

Manufacturing is the most common industry in Galesburg, employing 15 percent of the population. The retail trade industry also employs 15 percent of Galesburg’s population. Transportation and warehousing industry employs about 11 percent of the residents, while educational services employ about 11 percent as well. Other significant industries include construction, which employs 8 percent of the population, health care and social assistance which also employs 7 percent of residents, and accommodation and food services, whose employment rate is also 7 percent.

Galesburg Illinois Crime

As of 2016, Galesburg has a crime rate of 270.9. For reference, the average crime rate in the US is 280.5. The same year, there were 23 robberies, 85 assaults, 203 burglaries, 7,65 theft, 19 auto thefts, one arson, 15 rapes, and one murder. Currently, there are 89 registered sex offenders in Galesburg.

As of 2016, Galesburg has a total of 82 full-time law enforcement employees, out of which 51 employees are police officers. For every 1,000 residents, there are 1.58 officers, which is lower than the Illinois average of 2.81 officers.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 24, 2019
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