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Georgia Crime and Arrest Records Statistics

All the statistics and records regarding crime and crime rates are collected and processed by the Georgia Uniform Crime Reporting Program. It is a part of a nationwide cooperative and statistical initiative which is governed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was in the 1920s when the IACP or International Association of Chiefs of Police felt a need for statistical data on crime in the United States. The current Uniform Crime Reporting program is based on the voluntary national data collection program that was started in 1930.

In the United States, there are wide ranges of statistical data that represent a variety of crimes such as prosecutive, penal, arrests, offenses and conviction data. To represent crime and crime rates in an accurate fashion only known offenses and recorded arrests are taken into consideration.

Such statistical data is of great use to various law enforcement departments, operations, and management and it helps in predicting and dealing with fluctuations in crime level across the United States. The state of Georgia has always ensured its participation in this initiative since 1975. Crime reports from about 600 local and state law enforcement agencies are collected by the Georgia Crime Information Center. Such raw data is analyzed and processed to create a periodic report, special statistics and various kinds of analysis of individual crimes.

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How are Crime and Arrest Record data collected

There are eight offenses that have been chosen to make up the crime index. These eight crimes have been chosen by their seriousness. The occurrences of these eight crimes give the overall picture of crime in the nation or region. These offenses are also known as Part 1 offense and include murder, non-negligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, robbery, forcible rape, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

The Georgia law enforcement departments report all kinds of crimes associated with the Part 1 offenses. All other kinds of offenses are classified as Part 2 offenses for which only the arrest records are reported. The Uniform Crime Reporting Program takes into account various details of the crime such as age, race, and sex of the people arrested in all kinds of crime with the exception of traffic violations. There are also special monthly reports for homicide, arson, some juvenile arrests and the number of law enforcement officers killed or assaulted.

In the year 1995, a law was passed by the Georgia State Assembly that made it mandatory for Georgia law enforcement agencies to collect data about various kinds of family violence offenses. Details collected include name, sex, age and relationship of the parties in the crime. Data is also collected about place and date of the incident, the involvement of children, nature of abuse, substance abuse, the involvement of various kinds of weapons any prior court orders, the number of complaints involving persons who have filed previous complaints, the type of police action taken and other relevant information.

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Georgia Crime Statistics

The crime rates are calculated as per incidents in 100,000 people. The use of crime rates makes it easier to identify trends and helps in the interpretation of crime data. As of 2017, murder stands at a percentage of 0.21% and rape at 0.82%. Robbery and aggravated assault both stand at 3% and 7.07% respectively. The total number of violent crimes rests at 11.1%. Larceny seems to be the most popular crime with a rate of 64.30% followed by burglary which stands at 16.44%. Automobile theft stands at 7.88%, and arson is at 0.28%. All of this data is reported according to the records from metropolitan areas.

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