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Is GoLookUp Free? Overview of GoLookUp Services and $1 Trial Membership. 
How Does a Background Check Work and What Would a People Search Report Yield? Read this Article to Find out! 

$1 background check trial membership

What Can Free Public Records Website Provide You? 

There are several free public records access websites that allow people to perform a public records search for free. These types of sites can give you data about people you want to know better, but the access they provide is very limited. Why? Because accessing all the public records in each state costs money. There are certain records that you can access free of charge, but the great majority of such records are not free.

Each state and each country in the US have their laws and costs when it comes to public records, and when performing an independent offline search, you are required to pay a fee each time. Free background check sites and free public records sites can provide you with access to public records, but not all of them. As a result, you will not get full data about the people you are searching for, but only some of the information about them. To make sure you get all the access you need to public records, you need to use a professional membership website that specializes in such services, and that is exactly the type of service that GoLookUp provides all of its users.

Personal Security, Safety and Around the Clock Customer Service

Due to a lack of funds, free background check websites are also unable to provide their users with a protection system. As a result, your personal information might be exposed to others, and someone can get their hands on your private information. Also, free sites cannot provide their users with a customer support system that can help them with problems they encounter. GoLookUp's professional services include an advanced security system, as well as a 24/7 customer support service, so you can be certain that all your needs are met every time you use one of the site's directories. 

 free trial background check
Free Trial Background Check Reports
Nothing of value ever comes free. GoLookUp offers the best in its class background check reports. If you are looking for the best background check report and wondering if GoLookup is free or not; the short answer is no. However, GoLookUp offers $1 background check trial for five days. You can try GoLookUp background check service and decide for yourself if you want to keep being a member of the best background check service online!

Free Trial Unclaimed Money Search
Did you know you can collect Unclaimed Money which has not been claimed for 12 months or older? Yes, claiming unclaimed money on your own is free. However, GoLookUp is the only online service that offers its users the help to collect their unclaimed money. GoLookUp is the only data service online that allows you to search local and federal governments for unclaimed money. You can use a $1 Unclaimed Money offer by GoLookUp and try the service for five days. Should you choose to cancel, you can cancel your account at any time!

Free Public Records Search
Public Records are free. However, public record reports of value cost money. If you are looking for the best public records service, you will have to pay a fee. GoLookup offers $1 public record search along with its other data and services.

Free Reverse Email Search
A reverse email search can offer a lot of information regarding the owner of the email address you are searching for. $1 Reverse Email Search trial is offered by GoLookUp!

Free Trial Reverse Address Lookup
When you run a reverse address search, you will find a complete summary review of the owner and information of the exact address you are looking for. You can unlock a GoLookUp membership for $1, which will give you access for five days; after which you will become a member. You may cancel your GoLookUp account at any time.

Free Arrest Records Search
Searching for arrest records with GoLookup is free. Arrest records will provide you mugshots of a person and the reason they were arrested for. You can unlock a complete GoLookUp arrest records account for $1, just like all other services offered by GoLookUp!

Free Reverse Phone
You can search for any phone number in the United States for Free. However, just like all other services you can create an account for $1 and access all reverse phone lookup services. A reverse phone lookup will give you complete ability to find out who is behind any phone number, as well as run a background check for the owner of the phone number.

Free Sex Offender Search
Searching for sex offenders is free. You can browse nearly 1 million registered sex offenders, their offenses and their mugshots. To get complete access to sex offenders, you will need to create a GoLookUp membership account. $1 trial sex offender search membership is available with GoLookUp!

Free People Search

Whenever a person provides you with their first and last name, you can perform a people search on GoLookUp. Performing such a search can be very costly, as each official authority that maintains public records requires a fee for each search. A free people search provides very limited access to public records, so you will not be able to find what you are looking for in free data sources.

Free Police Records

If you want to discover if someone you know has a criminal past, you can use GoLookUp's $1 membership trial! The police records search directory on the website will let you know if any person of interest has been arrested, and what offense they were arrested for.

Free Inmate Search

If one or your friends or family members has been arrested, you can track them down using GoLookUp's inmate search $1 trial membership. Because inmates often get moved from one facility to the other, it can be difficult to find them. With GoLookUp's quick inmate search service, you can find people who are incarcerated and discover their exact location.  

Sample Report for $1 Background Check: What can a 1 Dollar Background Check Report Give You!

$1 Background Check

Recently GoLookUp has updated its Data Base with 2019 public background check records. That means there are more records available now when you perform a background check. Every day hundreds of thousands of public data records are being added and collected by public record agencies. GoLookUp aggregates and organizes these records and presents it to its users in the best, most useful way. Using GoLookUp Cheap Background Check services is one of the best ways to pull information about people online? What are you waiting for? 2019 data is waiting for your! Start your free trial background check account now! 

When you perform a People Search Background Check with GoLookUp, you get unlimited Access to Arrest Records and Mugshots. What Do Arrest Records and Mugshots Look like? 

Here are a couple sample of available data through $1 People Search: 
$1 people search $1 Public Records
GoLookUp offers many features and since the Background Check website has so much data, it could be overwhelming and complicated to use to some people.

With GoLookUp You can: 

Obtain the Latest Crime Reports Right in your City! 

crime reports background check

Tap into Over 1 Million Registered Sex Offenders and Obtain a Neighbordhood Watch Report

sex offender background check
Search and Find 100 Million Records of Unclaimed Money in Just Minutes!

free trial unclaimed money
Find and Locate Mugshots and Arrest Records in Every State in the United States! 

free mugshot search

With GoLookUp you can Start a Cheater Search and Findout if your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife has Been unfaithful! to catch a cheater
Do you need to check a potential Date? You can run a background check on potential dates! 

online dating background check

How a Free Trial Background Check Can Help You

Most people know about background checks from places of work, where employers run these types of checks to learn more about applicants. However, not everyone knows that a background check can be performed by people other than employers; with an in-depth background check, you can find valuable and accurate information about the people in your life and discover if anyone is lying to you.

With GoLookUp's $1 Trial Membership, you can check if the service is right for you by searching for information about the people in your life. When you perform the check, the search engine will scan public records and compile a report about the person that you are searching in a matter of minutes. The report will reveal the said person's real name, their aliases, their criminal records, their birth records, their marriage records, and much more. So, you will be able to find out peoples' true identity, their age, discover if they are married, and much more.

This important online service is meant to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from those who may harm you. GoLookUp's full access to public records in all U.S. states provides accurate and reliable background checks, so you can be certain that you will get the truth every time.  

June 2019 Update: We have recently released our new data and services. If you are looking to run a background check and get the best results, please follow our Background Check Online Page

June 25th, 2019 Update: New Records for Divorce Records, Marriage Records, Mugshots, Criminal Records and Social Accounts. 

Millions of records have been updated and ready to be used! Start your Free Trial Background Check by entering any name in the advanced background check fields on the top of this page. 

Why Running a Free Trial Background Check is a Good Idea?

You can check the services' accuracy

If you want to make sure GoLookUp provides accurate information, you can use the free trial background check service; by entering information about yourself into the system, you can check and see if the data you are provided with is true. Once the report is complete, you can see if the information collected by the website is accurate and continue to use the services whenever you need to perform a professional background check.

You can check the people in your life

If you need to run a quick background check and you have not subscribed to any online service, you can use GoLookUp's free trial background check.

You can correct mistakes in your reports

Sometimes, there are mistakes in public records that can negatively affect you. To make sure there are no mistakes in your personal data, like with criminal records that are unrelated to you, you can run a free background check on GoLookUp and check falsa information that may be registered to your name.

Check the site's features

With a free background check on GoLookUp, you can explore the website and check the services it has to offer. The check allows you to find which background check services are provided by GoLookUp and use them when you need to. The website offers a variety of online public records services, and a free background check is a great way to check and try the services available to you.

Compare GoLookUp to other paid-per sites

There are other websites that provide background check services for a monthly or annual fee. By using GoLookUp's free trial check, you can find out which website provides you with the most well-rounded services for your needs and continue to use that type of service.

And free websites as well

Aside from pay-per sites, there are also free websites that offer background check services free of charge. When using free websites, you can get certain information, like people's contact information, their full name, address, and other basic data. However, they cannot provide you with full access to public records. By using GoLookUp's free trial service, you will be able to compare it to free services and discover if the free service is enough for you or not.

Compare the website to search engine and social media sites

Many people think it is enough to search for information on search engines and social media apps, but in most cases, it is not true. To make sure that you have access to the data that you need, you can try the free trial on GoLookUp and compare it to search engines and social media sites and find out which method provides you with all the data you need.

FCRA Law and Rules: Although background check services can be great. They can help us find lost relatives, verify potential co-workers, dates and new people we just met; there are certain guidelines we must follow. GoLookUp customers may NOT use our services or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance. GoLookUp does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.) The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person's criminal history. GoLookUp does not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review GoLookup Terms of Use.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!